Frequently Asked Questions: Collegians

Frequently Asked Questions: Collegians

How do I update my address or contact information?
You can do that the Pride Online section of the website. Or contact Executive Office.

I’m not receiving The Adelphean. What do I do?
Don't miss out on any more exciting news about Alpha Delta Pi! You can send your information to Executive Office and ask to have an address correction made or use the link above to correct your address.     

How do I recommend someone for membership?
You can obtain the Potential Member Profile from the Pride Online section of the website. You’ll be asked to log in. Make sure when you complete the profile, include ways to make this potential member "stand out" and if possible, include a picture. Make sure that you mail it to the appropriate chapter before their recruitment dates.

What is Pride Online?
Pride Online is our password-protected area that lets Alpha Delta Pi members access resources like a member search, manuals, and forms. You can also update your contact information there.

How do I change my login and password for Pride Online?
Go to the Pride Online section and sign in. The click on the Update User information link. You can make changes to your login and password, and update your address.

How do I find contact information for a sister?
Use the Member Search feature in Pride Online. (This requires that you log in.) Please be aware that we respect the privacy rights of all members and some of our members have requested that we do not release any personal information.

How do I get information on alumnae initiation?
Information is available here and from Member Services at Executive Office.

How do I contact ADPi’s Executive Office?
You may call 404.378.3164 or email Our other contact information can be found here.

Can I tour Memorial Headquarters? I am coming to Atlanta and need directions to Executive Office.
You may email us at or call 404.378.3164 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST. If you reach voice mail, please leave a message and someone will return your call the next business day.

How can I apply to be a Leadership Consultant?
Information is available here.

My badge was lost or stolen. How can I order a new one?
Contact the Collegiate Relations Coordinator at

I am confused on how to refer to sisters who have graduated!
The proper way to refer to a single female alumnus is "alumna." If you are referring to more than one alumna, the proper word is "alumnae" (Say uh-lum-KNEE). For the record, it's Founders' Day, not Founder's.

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