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Our History

Alpha Delta Pi

Founded May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction of being the first secret society for women and the mother of today's sorority system. We were founded on the principles of scholarship, leadership, service to others and sisterhood. These principles still guide the policies and programs of the sorority today. To date, Alpha Delta Pi has initiated more than 182,500 women, many of whom are actively involved in one of our over 130 collegiate chapters or 150 alumnae associations throughout the United States and Canada.

 Psi Chapter

In 1910, an advertisement appeared in Berkeley's beloved Daily Californian campus newspaper, which offered a $1,000 stipend for the establishment of a house club by any group of students. A group called the Carnarvon Club organized, rented and furnished a house and chose a Welsh harp as their insignia. Fortuitously, it caught the eye of Lily Cliberon, who would rally the enthusiasm of her friends to organize themselves into what would soon become Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi.

This twenty-third national chapter was formally chartered on December 6, 1913, and, on this day, Abigail Davis initiated the first twenty-nine members of Psi. The 1915 Alpha Delta Pi Convention was held in Berkeley. Psi chapter occupied several houses until 1931 when our chapter purchased 2400 Piedmont Avenue, the summer home of notable Bay Area heiress Phoebe Hearst, for only $28,000. The house was recognized immediately as the showplace of the campus. Since then, the former bungalow-style mansion has had its ballroom and squash court converted into bedrooms and several modern conveniences added on, but it still retains its original character, and is a charming home to sixty girls at its capacity. Located on Channing circle, it lies at the very heart of the present-day Greek community.


Symbols of Our Sisterhood


  Our Badge   


zlion Mascot
The lion is the mascot of Alpha Delta Pi. Our lion is nicknamed Alphie.

Official Colors
Azure blue and white are the official colors of Alpha Delta Pi. Blue is symbolic of friendship, the basic spirit upon which Alpha Delta Pi is founded. White symbolizes sincerity and truth. Alpha Delta Pi seeks these qualities in all its members.
our colors

Official Flower
The Woodland Violet



Coat of Arms
Symbolism from our ritual and our Alpha pin were combined in the coat of arms, and the design originally had a background of violets. In 1919, the convention body voted to make changes and the present design was accepted.

Famous Alpha Delta Pi's

  • Deanna Carter (country singer/songwriter)
  • Kathy Bates (acardemy award winning actress/director)
  • Kate Capshaw (actress/wife of Steven Spielberg)
  • Michelle Pfieffer (actress)
  • Emily Proctor (actress - West Wing)
  • Danica McKellar (actress - Winnie from The Wonder Years)
  • Bobbi Eakes (soap opera star)
  • Sandra Palmer (professional golfer)
  • Judy Woodruff (news anchor/journalist)
  • Karen Hughes (politician)


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