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Formal Recruitment

Fall Sorority Recruitment is a formalized process that gives you the opportunity to visit with each chapter about their values, philanthropic endeavors, and sisterhood activities. Through a mutual selection process you will choose the organization that is right for you.


Fall Recruitment will consist of the following events:

Round One: Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi

Friday, September 2nd

Round Two: Philanthropy Night

Saturday, September 3rd

Round Three: Sisterhood Night

Sunday, September 4th


Round Four: Preference Night

Monday, September 5th


Bid Day

Tuesday, September 7th

For more information on Formal Recruitment at NAU, please contact the office of Greek Life at  928-523-5840

If you are unable to attend the Formal Recruitment events and would like more information about membership, please contact

Any ADPi sister wishing to send letters to recommendation or legacy information can find forms and information in the Aldelphean magazine or through MyADPi via

Please send all letters to the below address at your earliest convenience. 
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Xi Chapter


Flagstaff, Arizona 86011


    Why choose Alpha Delta Pi?

First and Finest

No other sorority in the world can claim our heritage as the oldest secret society for college women. Thus, Alpha Delta Pi became the mother of the entire sorority system. There is a special pride in belonging to something that has endured, that has proved its worth over and over again as more than a century and a half has passed.

Position and Leadership
Alpha Delta Pi was the first to create a dignified Friendship Week to precede initiation (known as Diamond Days) and the first to abolish any form of hazing.  We were also the first to establish an Executive Office for efficient management of sorority business affairs.

Progressive Growth
Alpha Delta Pi chapters are found in leading colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, with almost 200,000 initiates proudly wearing ADPi letters.  Our Alumnae Associations are established in towns and cities all over the country, with our Diamond Badge of membership opening the doors of friendships that last a lifetime.  We are known in the Panhellenic world for Leadership, Fairness, and Cooperation, and on each campus for our standards, good college citizenship, and our healthy promotion of and participation in worthwhile campus affairs.

Preparation for the Future 
Alpha Delta Pi never loses sight of the fact that our members are at  college to receive an education.  All of our chapters have a scholarship chair and a membership education advisor that works with members to instill high academic standing.  All of our members also participate in Total Membership Education (TME).  This programming allows members to be educated by resources both inside and outside of the individual chapter. Members have the opportunity to attend District Leadership Conference with is a training session for chapter offices, and IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi, which is a values-based leadership program with the Alpha Delta Pi Creed as its foundation.

Scholarship Programs
The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Inc. supports Alpha Delta Pi through numerous contributions to the organization including scholarships, emergency fund grants, leadership and educational programs, and much more.  The Foundation awarded over $61, 000 in scholarships for this year.  One of the grants available is the Abigail Davis Emergency Grant, which is designed to assist undergraduate sisters to remain in school when severe unforeseen financial hardship arises.  Though one of the youngest sorority foundations, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation has experienced tremendous growth in its brief history.  The Foundation proudly celebrates more than $2.7 million in assets.

Ideals by Which We Live 
Ideals mark the kind of people with whom we are proud to be associated.  LOYALTY to each other and God, HONESTY in all that we do, PURITY of heart and womanhood, STRENGTH of character and purpose, INTEGRITY as individuals and a chapter, FRIENDSHIP of sisterhood sealed by love, SERVICE to others.  Each of these is a worthy attribute found in people of stature and attainment.  Together, these elements are the character of Alpha Delta Pi.

Alpha Delta Pi provides members with opportunities for leadership, academic enhancement, personal growth, and social activities within the framework of a mutually supportive sisterhood.  Once given a bid to join our chapter, you will find open arms extended from the moment a bid is accepted, with sisters offering friendship, support, and unique experiences and social opportunities that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Associations offer an international network of ongoing opportunities to serve others, enjoy sister's company, and continue friendships made while in school while also developing new friendships with sisters from other collegiate chapters.  Also, our national job network assists in finding employment opportunities, connecting established alumnae who can mentor and hire Alpha Delta Pi college graduates.


Alpha Members



The beauty of violets, The strength of lions, The brilliance of diamonds, The love and loyalty of sisters. Becoming an initiated sister in Alpha Delta Pi is a very meaningful experience. From the moment a recruit enters Alpha Delta Pi as an "Alpha" member (what other sororities refer to as a "pledge"), you begin a time where bonding with new sisters is essential, and forever friendships are born. Alpha education is a time filled with fun activities, yet it is also a time to learn the traditions and history of Alpha Delta Pi.

The sisters of ADPi, however, do not view the period of Alpha membership as a time to "haze." We are firmly opposed to any activity that would make a member feel uncomfortable or degraded. We respect Alphas as members from the time they accept their bids, and we show this respect by allowing Alphas to wear the letters of Alpha Delta Pi from the very beginning, signifying that you are indeed an equal to every other member in our sorority.

As a new member of Alpha Delta Pi, you are called an Alpha instead of a pledge. We believe in treating everyone equal in Alpha Delta Pi. On becoming a new member of Alpha Delta Pi, you immediately have the privilege of wearing our Greek letters, attending meetings, and even holding positions right away. Our Alphas go through a 6 week education program where you learn the history of our chapter and what we strive for. After our 6 week education program, new members are initiated and welcomed into the full sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi. 


A Diamond Sister is a friend who is selected as a sponsor to an Alpha member. She will serve as a role model as the Alpha member learns about the responsibilities and privileges of membership in Alpha Delta Pi. Diamond Sisters form long-lasting friendships with each other as sisters, which is celebrated during Diamond Friendship Days, a series of special days leading up to Initiation.

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