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Our History

In 1904, a friendship club was formed at Iowa State College (later to be Iowa State University) in Ames, Iowa. In February 1910, the 16 members of the club decided to reorganize as a sorority and applied for permission to petition Alpha Delta Pi. On June 3, 1911, Barbara Schlafer of Theta Chapter, Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin, arrived to install Pi of Alpha Delta Pi, the second chapter in the North.

The charter members were Ada Hayden, then professor in botany at ISC and later to be the first woman to receive a PhD degree at the college; Gladys Rush, later head librarian at ISC; Mary Blodgett, Maude Arnold, Osee Wilson, Chloe Packman, Clara Robinson, Flora Clyde, Edna Prine, Jennie Mitchell, Stella Drennan, Nellie Patterson, Lulu Jane Lovitt, Louise Buchanan, Cornelia Vetter, and Grace Conlon.

Pi Chapter was the third national sorority on campus; with Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Delta already present at Iowa State College. Pi members resided first in Margaret Hall, then moved to a house on campus, later purchased a house at 526 Welch in 1917 that became too small, and plans were begun in 1928 to purchase a house on Lincoln Way across from the Memorial Union.

The June, 1931, Adelphean states, ??Do you want to take a walk? I do, let?s go over and see that grand hole in the ground.? Thus the actives watch the progress of the new house. New officers for Pi chapter are: president, Vera Larson; vice president, Helen Hipple; secretary, Inew Kelly; treasurer, Emma Lou Taylor; rusing captain, Harriet Herrig; guard, Clarice Roseland; and chaplain, Martha Puckett.?

The January, 1932, Adelphean, states, ?Pi Chapter began the year with the long desired ? a new house?We surely appreciate Mrs. Buchanan, who has taken charge of the building and all of the work connected with it.? They had their first house warming in November, the first initiation ceremony of four girls in early fall, about 40 guests at Homecoming, and the first fall dance on November 14th.

In 1919, at the National Convention in Natural Bridge, Virginia, the National Council appointed Mary Kelly Shearer, a 1915 initiate of Pi Chapter, the Business Manager of The Adelphean. Later in 1925, Mary Kelly Shearer became the first Executive Secretary of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, setting up the first Central Office at her home at 611 Ash in Ames. She served until 1934.

Charter Members: Maude Arnold, Mary Blodgett, Edith Booher, Flora Clyde, Elizabeth Davis, Stella Drennan, Ada Hayden, Lulu Jane Lovitt, Jennie Mitchell, Chloe Packman, Nellie Patterson, Edna Prine, Willa Richardson, Clara Robinson, Gladys Rush, May Statler, Lora Thompson, Cornelia Vetter, and Osse Wilson, first president.

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