Back to School

September 27th, 2019
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by Glenda Kemple, Alpha Gamma—University of Missouri, Columbia

Glenda KempleSeptember is always the time of year that takes me back to my college years and returning to campus for the start of the fall semester. This time of year is also a good time to review your financial plan and identify steps you plan to implement over the next year to make sure you are on track for your financial goals. Take time to itemize your assets and portfolio performance, review your estate plans, manage your annual spending plan, review your retirement planning, review your insurance. Make a list of questions and concerns you want to discuss with your financial advisor.

Philanthropy is also part of your plan. Develop your Personal Philanthropy Philosophy and identify both long term and annual goals. This starts with a statement of what you want to accomplish with your charitable giving. What amount do you plan to give annually to your charities and the amount you want to give for larger long term giving. Have you designated charitable gifts in your estate plan? Have you designated beneficiaries of some of your investments like life insurance and retirement plans to these organizations? 

Review your plans for family, consider charities, visit your attorney, and update your plan as your life changes. Just like the first day of class when a professor would hand you the syllabus, you’ll be prepared and ready to conquer the next course. Setting aside time annually to review your financial plan is an important step to keep you on track to managing your plan.

Have you included the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation as one of the charities in your estate plan? If so, we would welcome the opportunity to recognize you as a member of our Summit Society. Contact Jennifer Webb at 404.844.0637 or jwebb@alphadeltapi.com.


After graduating from the University of Missouri with a BSBA, Glenda pursued a career using her accounting degree and business management skills. This led her to the financial services field, starting and selling two wealth management firms. She is now retired from active employment. Glenda is focused on Board service, currently on the advisory board of a wealth management firm and two nonprofit boards. She and her husband, Michael, enjoy their life in Dallas as well as their second home in South Padre Island and travelling.