We Really Live for Each Other.

November 2nd, 2020
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By Kaela Colyar – Eta Upsilon, Wake Forest University 

I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania, a little way outside of Philadelphia. While in high school, I never envisioned myself joining a sorority, but I had always experienced the powerful bond of sisterhood. My older sister Shanna and I are very close. Of course, we’ve had our share of sister disagreements, but she is the only person who I trust to know more about me than myself. My personal experience of always being a little sister taught me that sisterhood meant having a built-in best friend and an automatic role model. My sister may not be an Alpha Delta Pi, but I first felt the truths of our creed through her.

Once I got to college at Wake Forest University, I wanted to find my people. It was not until Formal Recruitment my freshman

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spring, that I realized that my college experience would not feel whole unless I could feel the essence of sisterhood. I found sisterhood in Alpha Delta Pi. My experience in this sisterhood has helped me cultivate a greater sense of who I am, and as I look up to my sisters, who I hope to become. This is what motivated me to apply to the Collegiate Advisory Committee. I wanted to use my voice to speak up for collegians and build connections with other Alpha Delta Pi’s all around the country. What I have found is that this sisterhood has the power to span farther than we even know. What I have found is that we really live for each other.

“We Live for Each Other” is more than a string of words, more than a motto, and more than a hashtag. It is a feeling. It is a feeling I have felt when dealing with the most catalytic and volcanic change. A feeling I have felt while making my most loved memories. A feeling I have while writing this in my home I share with five other sisters. It is a feeling that spans college campuses, state-lines, and oceans. It is even there when I may even forget it exists. It is the constant support of having somebody in your corner without ever having to turn around to check.

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The Collegiate Advisory Committee has shown me how this feeling manifests and springs into action every day. During our meetings we have discussed topics that touch every single aspect of our sisterhood. The passion of we live for each other has shined through each one. My fellow committee member Victoria DiMartino perfectly applied the heart of our motto when we were discussing how

to support chapters struggling through COVID-19 and initiating needed conversations. She said, “What would you like to say to your sisters?” Because regardless of where you are or what your needs are, there are issues afflicting our sisters. I am proud to say that I have had the privilege to work with amazing women to address the needs of Alpha Delta Pi’s everywhere. I admire how fiercely I have seen We Live for Each Other in the words of my sisters, the actions of my own chapter, and the efforts from this committee. Alpha Delta Pi has empowered me to know that I can influence change in our sorority, and I hope through the feeling of We Live for Each Other, all sisters can feel that power too.