Never Put Your Pin Away: Staying Connected Through the Foundation

July 19th, 2021
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By Hannah Holmes, Iota Beta—Campbell, Executive Office Intern

For many women in the sorority world, they believe their experience ends when they graduate. We hear often that, “It’s not for four years, it’s for life,” but then have trouble implementing a continued journey in our Pi experience, aside from advising. Getting and staying involved is much easier than most sisters believe it to be and could be as simple as keeping contact information updated. From visiting your home chapter to serving as an International Officer, there are many opportunities for staying connected to your fellow sisters, and it can begin as early as your collegiate years. Through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, there are giving societies available to sisters from all areas of life. The Wesleyan Society is the Foundation’s giving society which provides leadership support to the Foundation’s Annual Fund. The Octavia Andrew Rush Young Alumnae Society is the Foundation’s giving society for members initiated within the past 13 years; it also supports the Annual Fund through monthly gifts. The Foundation also offers a collegiate giving society, the 1851 Violet Circle, which allows collegians to become involved annually with the Foundation and support their mission as undergraduates. Collegiate members who join the 1851 Violet Circle receive a dangle for their badge as a token of gratitude from the Foundation. Below, sisters from these giving societies share their stories about the importance of giving back.

Sarah Bowman with her step-mother and sister’s badges.

Sarah Bowman, Iota Beta-Campbell, is a proud ADPi legacy. In her chapter, Sarah was very involved with her fellow sisters and with Panhellenic relations on her campus. Sarah shared that some of her favorite memories from the past four years include winning lip sync battle during Greek Week and bonding with her chapter during the hours spent practicing. As a recent graduate, Sarah shared her story about her collegiate experience with the 1851 Violet Circle. She joined ADPi in 2017 and began her tradition of giving to the Foundation in the same year. Sarah was a member of the Violet Circle for all four of her collegiate years. When asked why she joined the Violet Circle, Sarah said that it was important to her because she was giving back to the sorority that had given so much to her. Contributing to the Foundation gave her the opportunity to help not only her fellow collegians, but also alumnae through the different scholarships, grants, and programs provided by the Foundation. For Sarah, giving to the Foundation was more than just decking her badge out in dangles. She said, “Receiving the Violet Circle dangles was just a small token of the bigger things I was making myself a part of.” Sarah said that for her, giving was not an obligation as a sorority member, but rather an extension of her belief in the Foundation’s mission to Educate, Lead, and Serve. In the future, Sarah plans to continue giving back. To future alumnae and current collegians, Sarah says, “Take a step back and enjoy those moments in college but also remember this sisterhood is yours forever. Always remember to Be the First.”

Morgan Kaplan, Delta Nu-Southeast Missouri State, is a recent graduate. She joined ADPi in 2017. During her collegiate experience, Morgan served as Leadership Chair, working on campus involvement, and in different roles as a Panhellenic officer. Morgan said her favorite memories are of running home to her sisters on Bid Day, which she did 3 times, as an Alpha, as a Panhellenic officer, and as a recruitment counselor. Morgan also joined the 1851 Violet Circle for all four years of college and helped promote the exclusive collegiate giving society within her chapter. Giving through the 1851 Violet Circle is important to Morgan because of how the proceeds benefited collegians with leadership training and conferences. She also mentioned that for her, the gift of $18.51 or more was a small price to pay to become further involved and help her fellow sisters. As a new Pi member, Morgan has stayed connected through her alumnae association, which she has make technological improvements; she is also planning to help establish a new alumnae association in Milwaukee. Morgan is a Legacy, as well, and stays connected through that bond with her mother, who shared a very special piece of advice, “Never put your pin away.” Morgan shared her mother’s words in hopes that it will inspire future and current alumnae to stay connected with the sisterhood. To our collegiate sisters, Morgan says to enjoy every moment of your college experience, and to remember that the sisterhood experience is not over when you graduate. There are many opportunities to continue being involved with ADPi as an alumna and especially through the Foundation, so Morgan hopes that sisters remember to keep their badges close to their hearts and in their minds.

Connie Dennis, Epsilon Nu-Ashland, was initiated on Valentine’s Day in 1981. During her years as a collegian, Connie held multiple positions within her chapter, including Scholarship Chair, Guard, and Property Manager. She was also involved in other organizations on campus, including yearbook. As a chapter member, some of Connie’s fondest memories are of mixers and game nights with her sisters, which grew the bond between them. Throughout her Pi experience, Connie has volunteered as an Advisor at her home chapter for 16 years, member of the Columbus Alumnae Association, and an International Officer. Along with giving back her time to ADPi, Connie also recently joined the Wesleyan Society, whose mission is to provide leadership support to the Foundation’s annual fundraising efforts, programs, and special initiatives. When asked what inspired her to join the Society, Connie spoke to me about a leadership fund she helped start for the women of Epsilon Nu, and said that after she began that fund, she wanted to continue giving and actively looked for another way to stay involved and give back. When the Foundation’s Executive Director Jennifer Polley Webb mentioned the Wesleyan Society to Connie, she knew that was her way to give back and pay forward what the sorority had given to her. Connie shared that it is important for her to give back because ADPi has given so much to her and she hopes to give future ADPi members a chance to have the same experience. She said that through ADPi, she has not only gained lifelong friends and sisters, but also gained valuable knowledge and skills for time management and leadership. To younger sisters, Connie says to enjoy and soak up the experience; there are a lot of opportunities for leadership and sisterhood offered through chapter membership, and she hopes that sisters will take advantage of those.

As the Foundation’s giving year comes to a close on July 31st, we are so appreciative to hear the stories of sisters like these who value giving back. We are grateful for the generous support of our alumnae and collegiate sisters, as well as family and friends.

To make a gift to the Foundation:

  • Collegiate members can join the 1851 Violet Circle with a gift of just $18.51 to the Annual Fund at www.violetcircle.org. This year’s dangle retires after July 31st.
  • Young alumnae members initiated within the last 13 years (since 2008) can join the Octavia Andrew Rush Young Alumnae Society with a gift to the Annual Fund of $18.51 per month (or $222.12 for the year) at https://donate.alphadeltapi.org/OARSociety.
  • Alumnae interested in making a leadership-level gift for the Wesleyan Society with a gift of $1,851 or more to the Annual Fund (or $154.25 per month) can visit https://donate.alphadeltapi.org/Wesleyan.
  • All members are invited to make a gift of any amount by visiting https://www.alphadeltapi.org/foundation/donate/. Our Annual Fund is the area of greatest need, allowing us to prepare our members to be confident leaders, support the mental wellness of our members, and remain steadfast in our commitment to eradicate hazing.

You can also review your current giving year and lifetime giving history in Pride Online (login required). The sorority experience does not end when your college years do, it is a lifetime connection, and from the wisdom of these alumnae women, we hope you also learn to

“Never put your pin away.”