Your Gifts at Work: When Intent Doesn’t Equal Impact

November 5th, 2021
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In February as a part of Alpha Delta Pi’s Talk About It Tuesdays Webinar Series and in partnership with Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity, Campuspeak’s Dr. Stacey Pearson-Wharton hosted the “When Intent Doesn’t Equal Impact” webinar. This session provided attendees the opportunity to learn more about navigating hate bias, microaggressions, and creating inclusive spaces. Due to her impressive background in student affairs and counseling, Dr. Pearson-Wharton used the hour and a half long session to help collegians and alumnae understand ways they can cultivate more inclusive environments.

Vicki DiMartino, Gamma Omicron–Susquehanna University, and Chimdinma Chijioke, Beta Theta–University of Manitoba, shared their experiences attending this Talk About It Tuesday:


Vicki DiMartinoVicki DiMartino, Gamma Omicron–Susquehanna University

“I loved the program with Dr. Stacey! She works at Susquehanna University, so I felt so lucky to get to see her share her work beyond the work I saw her do firsthand at my alma mater. She is so valued at Susquehanna and is amazingly brilliant. It was a great talk and program overall because Dr. Stacey keeps it real. She educates people in a language that is accessible. While her talk included some information I already knew, she still introduced these topics to me in a way that felt like I was learning something new. Her program was extremely engaging, and I could have listened to her for hours! I feel like I gained something from it and hope that our sisters gained something from it. I’m so thankful Dr. Stacey came to speak to ADPi, and I hope we get to hear from her again.”


Chimdinma ChijiokeChimdinma Chijioke, Beta Theta–University of Manitoba

“This webinar was very informative. I learned that conflict doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, and if resolved right, it can strengthen the relationship. As a leader on campus and chapter president, there are times when I’ve had to have difficult conversations. This webinar empowered me to see those situations as an opportunity to strengthen those relationships instead of viewing them as a bad thing.”


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