Your Gifts at Work: 2022 Collegiate Leadership Summit

March 11th, 2022
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In January, collegiate members from across the country turned on their computers and spent their Saturday at the 2022 Collegiate Leadership Summit (CLS). In this interactive, virtual conference experience, more than 900 attendees participated in peer-facilitated discussions, learned from subject-matter experts, and shared ideas with others throughout the one-day event.

To start their day off right, all participants attended the keynote titled “For Leading Ladies: How to Guide with Grace, Grit, and Guts” hosted by Summer Owens, award-winning author, speaker, success coach, and founder of the S.O. What! Foundation. In this session, members were empowered to feel “good enough” and learn how to create impact. Summer’s important message was then highlighted in every different session throughout the day, making her story the perfect way to begin the Collegiate Leadership Summit experience.

Brilyn Balentine, Delta Upsilon–Tennessee, Martin, and Lauren Hernandez, Chi–Wittenberg, both attended the 2022 Collegiate Leadership Summit. These new executive committee members shared their experience attending the Collegiate Leadership Summit and hearing Summer Owens speak:

“My experience from attending the Collegiate Leadership Summit was truly remarkable because I was able to take away so many personal insights, along with learning how I can better lead my chapter. Throughout the Summit, I was able to choose the sessions that felt the most personable to me, and I was able to talk to sisters from all over the country. Summer Owens’ opening keynote was the perfect beginning for a day full of collaborating and learning more about Alpha Delta Pi. Owens’ speech prepared me even more for the upcoming year as my chapter’s Vice President of Operations by inspiring me to lead with grit, grace, guts – just as her title says. I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend CLS and Summer Owens’ keynote because it truly put my ADPi experience and leadership role into perspective.”

-Brilyn Balentine, Delta Upsilon–Tennessee, Martin

“I absolutely loved the opportunity that was given to sisters to talk more about what it means to be a leader and how to be a team player in our chapters. Summer Owens’ keynote showed me why I took on leadership position. She helped me to find a different mindset when it came to my personal struggles by finding my why and my S.O. What?. Having this type of mindset to respond to problems and finding solutions will benefit not only my executive committee and chapter now but also my future mindset in education. I was grateful for the opportunity to hear from such amazing women during the CLS and learn more about what I can do to be a leader anywhere.”

-Lauren Hernandez, Chi–Wittenberg

“For Leading Ladies: How to Guide with Grace, Grit, and Guts” was made available by the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Gifts to the Foundation’s Annual Fund ensure more programs like this are available to all Alpha Delta Pi members. For more information or to make a gift to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, please visit alphadeltapi.org/foundation/give.