Convention Countdown: Who Is It?

March 22nd, 2022
Filed Under: Grand Convention

The 171st Anniversary Grand Convention is 3 months away! Now that you know what Grand Convention is and where and when it is this year, you may be wondering who has the chance to attend. Well, you’re in luck, the answer is EVERY MEMBER and registration is opening this week!



Any collegiate or alumna member of Alpha Delta Pi is welcome to attend Grand Convention! Every age range is represented from new Deltas to Pis who have been attending for over 76 years! Attendees have the option to register as either full-time or part-time attendees, with further information about the registration types on the Grand Convention Pride Online webpage. Guests are also welcome to attend.



Since Grand Convention is a time to discuss Alpha Delta Pi’s operations as an international organization as well as vote for the next Grand Council, voting delegates make up a large part of the convention body. Attending voting delegates are entitled to vote on proposed amendments to the Bylaws, proposed Resolutions, elections of Grand Council officers, and other business that comes before the Grand Convention body.

Voting delegates include chapter presidents from every chapter (or another approved chapter member if the chapter president is unable to attend), chapter advisors (the Executive Chapter Advisor should vote on behalf of the Advisory Board or designate an alternate advisor to vote on behalf of the Advisory Board if unable to attend), Alumnae Association presidents from every association (each Alumnae Association can designate one delegate to vote on behalf of the Alumnae Association), House Corporation presidents (each House Corporation Board can designate one delegate to vote on behalf of the House Corporation Board), current Grand Council members, past Grand Council members, International Officers, and standing committee members. Also, additional collegiate members, chapter advisors, alumnae association members, or house corporation members are welcome and encouraged to attend as non-voting delegates.



Registration will open later this week and closes May 8, so don’t delay in securing your spot for our 2022 Grand Convention! To learn more about all you need to know for Grand Convention, visit Pride Online or contact the Events and Education Coordinator, Morgan Petersen, at mpetersen@alphadeltapi.com.