May 13th, 2022
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Next month, hundreds of Alpha Delta Pi members will meet in Orlando, Florida to attend the 171st Grand Convention!

One way the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation supports leadership and educational opportunities is through our nearly 50 leadership funds. These funds cover educational expenses for attendance at Alpha Delta Pi leadership programs, like Grand Convention, leadership seminars, and more.

These funds are usually established in one of two ways.

Individual Donors

Epsilon Nu members

These funds may be endowed by a generous individual or individuals who choose to give back to their chapter by creating a chapter leadership fund, like the Dennis-Sparks Chapter Leadership Fund for Epsilon Nu–Ashland. Dani Sparks and Connie Dennis are two Epsilon Nu alumnae who saw a need for a chapter leadership fund for Epsilon Nu and came together during the We Believe Campaign to make it possible.

When Connie thought back to her time as a collegiate member, she realized how much she learned about leadership in her time at Epsilon Nu. To “pay it forward,” she established the Dennis-Sparks Leadership Fund with her chapter sister Dani. Connie is looking forward to it being awarded for the first time for Grand Convention and the impact it will have on her chapter: “This organization has given me so much over the years, and I am excited about how this fund can help Epsilon Nu members and Alpha Delta Pi. I hope by providing sisters with the same opportunities to lead that I had, that these members will go on to serve our sorority in the future.”


Zeta Chi members

Another way leadership funds can be established is by the chapter, often with help from generous alumnae, family, and friends, like the Zeta Chi Chapter Leadership Fund. This fund was endowed last year with support from Michele Deivanayagam, Zeta Chi–Baylor and Melanie Picquet, Zeta Chi–Baylor who both offered matching gifts during our 2021 Day of Giving.

When asked why she supported her chapter’s leadership fund, Michele shared the following: “Attending Grand Convention and Leadership Seminars is cost prohibitive for many collegians. The leadership fund will enable a chapter member to attend either by offsetting the cost or fully covering the expense. Our members were so excited to have this opportunity to grow as leaders and experience Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood outside of their home campus.”

Similarly, Melanie understands this fund will enable Zeta Chi members to grow from new opportunities that otherwise would have a significant financial barrier for the chapter. She said, “The ability for a collegiate sister to attend a leadership event provides the opportunity for them to learn from subject matter experts who will allow them to change their mindset, to respond to issues and to find solutions that will benefit all.  It empowers them to learn, and once they share the knowledge with others, we all create a larger impact together for the next generation so that everyone continues to grow, thrive, and live their best life.”


This year, nearly 40 members will attend Grand Convention with the help of a Foundation leadership fund. If your chapter has a leadership or scholarship fund, Day of Giving is great day to show your support by making a gift. On May 15, join us for our 7th annual We Believe. We Give. Day of Giving and don’t forget to make your gift at www.WeBelieveWeGive.org.

If you’re interested in starting a leadership fund for your own chapter, state, or district, please contact foundation@alphadeltapi.com.