Connie Green & The Alpha Omicron Educational Housing Fund

July 15th, 2022
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Alpha Omicron house at Oklahoma StateToday, members from the Alpha Omicron chapter at Oklahoma State University will arrive in Stillwater to finally celebrate the chapter’s centennial and house dedication. After a one-year delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, sisters from across the country are excited to gather and celebrate 100 years of their chapter’s sisterhood and dedicate their new home for their collegiate members – and Connie Green, Alpha Omicron 1977, is no exception!

Like many Alpha Omicron sisters, the chapter house is very special to Connie. She moved into the old Alpha Omicron house her sophomore year and looks back fondly on her time there:

“It was really fun to be able to live with your sisters. We would stay up late and make popcorn and play cards. We did not study near enough because it was so much fun to be with your friends. Christmastime we would make Christmas presents for each other and gather around the tree and sing carols, even though we were totally stressed out about finals.”

More than that, Connie knows that her Alpha Omicron sisters changed her for the better. By living in the Alpha Omicron house, she was exposed to a diverse group of women from many different walks of life, broadening her horizons and teaching her how to work with others. And she sees these positive changes in all of her Alpha Omicron sisters as well:

“When I went back to Oklahoma State in 2014 for a reunion, I was blown away. ADPi made a difference in our lives. We started out young, innocent, and clueless. We didn’t realize what was happening during those four years in the house, but when you look back, you realize how much you learned. You were inspired by those around you to be the best you can be, and part of that means you give back in any way you can.”

And Connie would go on to give back to her Alpha Omicron sisters in a major way. As an alumna, Connie served on Alpha Omicron’s House Corporation Board for nearly 10 years. During this time, they began discussing the need for a new house. After she stepped off the board, plans were presented for the new house, and Connie knew she wanted to give and support the project as much as possible.

“I am not able to fully fund the house, but my gift is something I CAN do. I see other groups raising money for their new chapter houses so that the buildings are many times fully funded before construction is completed, and I would love to help provide the same opportunity for Alpha Delta Pi. I’m inspired by our house corporation board leadership past and present who have worked and given sacrificially to help our house remain strong.”

Now, Connie and so many other Alpha Omicron sisters will finally see their dreams for the Alpha Omicron house come true. Connie has made a significant investment and is excited to dedicate the house and celebrate Alpha Omicron’s centennial. She’s most excited to see her sisters together again and spend quality time with one another. She’ll even be spending the weekend at a sister’s house with other Alpha Omicron sisters for a giant slumber party – just like when they lived in the Alpha Omicron house together many years ago!

The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation is pleased to manage the Alpha Omicron Educational Housing Fund. Gifts to this fund are used for charitable and educational activities for the benefit of the Alpha Omicron chapter, specifically including the support of qualifying capital building projects and project-related expenses that promote the desired atmosphere for academic study. To make a gift to an educational housing fund within the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, please visit https://donate.alphadeltapi.org/housing.