Why Week of Service

September 27th, 2022
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Two alumnae members share their testimonials from past Week of Service events. 


Jennifer Lucas-Germeyan, Alpha Xi Chapter Alumnae Association, Alpha Xi – Ohio State University

Because I live in a country close to conflict zones and has a heavy influx of refugees, the plight of refugees and the terrible living conditions/treatment they endure hits directly home. Three years ago, Alpha Xi’s AA president at that time asked if there was something we could do for Week of Service to help refugees and within a month, Alpha Xi’s signature Week of Service project began: knitting for refugees.

First through Love in the Language of Yarn (LILY) and now through First Hope, both organizations located in Turkey, and The Center (Utica, NY), Alpha Xi donated scarves, hats, vests, gloves, and thousands of squares that were sewn into blankets all lovingly knitted and crocheted by sisters worldwide and given to mainly Syrian children living in refugee tent camps in Turkey and this year also to newly arriving Afghan refugees in the States. Alpha Xi also purchased school supplies that were made into school kits and given to children at makeshift schools in refugee camps and hygiene supplies that were supplied to families in the camps all thanks to the generosity of ADPi sisters from chapters across the country.

The joy on the faces of children when they receive warm blankets, scarves, gloves, and other items to fend off the cold as they live in unheated tents in the winter is incredible. They are so happy to receive these simple items that we take for granted. These are families who had to leave EVERYTHING they own behind as they fled dangerous war situations and made the risky trek across mountains and unsafe borders with their children. These are children who are scarred by the memories of bombings, not having enough to eat, and losing family members, yet they find joy in each item donated by ADPi sisters.

We say that each item knitted or crocheted is like a warm hug given to a child who lives in desperate conditions. The outpouring of love and generosity from our ADPi sisters as they support this project is phenomenal. I am so proud to be an ADPi and to be part of a sisterhood that not only stands behind our motto “We Live For Each Other” but goes beyond that as we also live and care for others.




Alice Yopp, Nashville Alumnae Association, Beta Upsilon – UNC Chapel Hill

Over the last few years, during the Week of Service, the Nashville Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association has had a variety of activities that have helped the Nashville Ronald McDonald House.

In October 2020, during the height of COVID, we collected cleaning supplies for RMH.  Obviously, the supplies were necessary for cleaning the 36-bedroom house, and common areas.  We held a “drive by…drop off” in which our alumnae could participate.  I know these supplies were appreciated by the families and house staff.  One morning that week, we also dropped off a variety of donuts for the families to enjoy.  Because the families were not able to use the kitchen to prepare meals, the donuts could be picked up and taken to the hospital.  Our last activity for the October 2020 Week of Service was to plant fall flowers in the six clay pots outside the house.  I purchased the flowers and potting soil and helped with the plantings.  I know the families enjoyed the colorful flowers that were at the entrance to the house.  The families have a lot on their minds, so the alumnae decided that anything we could do to brighten their day would be appreciated.

For the October 2021 Week of Service, the Alumnae Association scheduled a playground cleanup day with Zeta Rho and Epsilon Tau collegians.  We spent several hours scrubbing the playground equipment and picnic table and sweeping up trash and leaves.  I know the children love to play on the equipment, so I’m glad we could make it clean.  Later that week, several alumnae and Epsilon Tau collegians cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the families, on the houses’ grill.  The alumnae had a good time working with the collegians while we cleaned and cooked.

The Week of Service provides a great time to focus on supporting the local RMH.  It presents the opportunity for alumnae and collegians to concentrate on helping RMH, whether it be monetarily, or with goods or services.  The week provides a WIN/WIN time for everyone.  I encourage alumnae and collegians to plan an event or project to support the local RMH for the 2022 Week of Service, October 22-30.



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