For Collegians

The Adelphean Compass leadership program is one of Alpha Delta Pi’s signature leadership programs designed specifically for women and emphasizes a focus on Leading with Self, Vision, Action, and Relationships. Held every year in January, the program is attended by chapter presidents and is funded by a generous grant from the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

Leading with Self centers on self-awareness, managing stress, and working with and supporting other women, while Leading with Action focuses on structures, systems, and processes, effective decision making, and accountability. In Leading with Relationships, participants gain an understanding of different perspectives and motivations, what it means to commit, how to establish trust, building teams, creating shared values, and how to navigate relationship roadblocks. Finally, in Leading with Vision, participants learn to take initiative, clarify a strategic focus, and act as an inspirational role model.

As a result of The Adelphean Compass, participants:

  • Emerge as stronger leaders through the intentional application and embodiment of Alpha Delta Pi values
  • Receive and share the knowledge and tools to empower others to be authentic leaders
  • Commit to do their best in whatever they undertake throughout their lifetime as a member of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Understand the importance of self awareness as a foundation for more effective leadership
  • Establish and articulate their personal and professional vision
  • Recognize the required actions and obligations of leadership
  • Value the importance and dynamics of relationships for leadership

At the end of the program, each participant documents a commitment stating what they have learned and how they will apply it to their chapter and their everyday life.

Adelphean Connections is designed as an intensive living-learning leadership experience for rising sophomores and juniors. This curriculum is grounded in the Social Change Model for Leadership Development and guides our members through an exploration of self, community, and leadership as a collaborative process.

Participants will use CliftonStrengths for Students to cultivate their talents and develop their leadership skills in both individual and team settings. Our goal is to empower members to confidently lead and develop their leadership potential.

Emerging leaders who attend this program will take home a deeper understanding of how their personal values connect to Alpha Delta Pi; the ability to utilize their Strengths to achieve their goals; and an action plan to further develop their leadership skills to positively impact their chapter and communities.

For Alumnae Volunteers





Volunteer Leadership Academy (VLA) focuses on building high-performance teams with small group work arranged by geographic area within the district. Content includes setting expectations for volunteers, defining teams, developing goals, defining actions to accomplish goals, understanding the role each volunteer plays, and providing the opportunity to build individual skills used beyond Alpha Delta Pi.

Teams will have time to work in small groups organized by Area and to interact with peer chapters and programming areas of similar responsibility (e.g. finance, Panhellenic). The program will be facilitated by a core group of alumnae allowing all members of the district team to participate in the curriculum. Designated sessions will be live streamed and/or recorded for advisors who are not able to attend.





Recruitment and Marketing Advisor Academy (RMAA) an immersive, multi-day training experience that will provide Recruitment and Marketing Advisors an opportunity to learn more about expectations, recruitment logistics (i.e., bump rotation, pre-rating, rating, MSS), conversation best practices, pre-recruitment planning, and more.

Participants will take a deep dive into the “nuts and bolts” of the entire recruitment process from preparation to execution to follow-up, as well as preparing for the future. Our advisors are a constant for our chapters and one of our best recruitment assets; they see the process year after year. Our goal is to TEACH advisors how to train and guide our collegiate leaders and members to foster their success in the recruitment process – be it during fall primary recruitment, deferred recruitment or continuous open recruitment.

Summer Meetings

Alpha Delta Pi conventions are the supreme governing body of the sorority. Every other summer, in odd numbered years, the convention delegation, assembled of alumnae and collegiate members, gathers together for fun and sisterhood, and more importantly, sorority business. The first convention was assembled in 1906 in Macon, Georgia.

Conventions are steeped in tradition. To open convention, sisters march in the Adelphean Processional, with everyone marching into the opening session wearing white dresses and blue ribands bearing our motto, “We Live for Each Other.” At the very first convention, a series of meaningful toasts were offered and since then, silver toasting cups are raised by the delegates at each convention. At the final banquet, delegates rise to the chapter roll call, then sing Alpha Delta Pi songs in a candlelight recessional as the traditional convention closing.