Sisterhood, camaraderie, belonging, finding oneself

Debby Ehrlich May, Alpha Chi—University of California, Los Angeles, fondly remembers living in the house and the camaraderie established during her freshman year. She is proud that she has maintained friendships with her two closest pledge sisters over the last 47 years, even after transferring to the University of the Pacific to complete her degree.

“In 1973, sororities were not popular on [our] campus, so sisters stuck together. ADPi gave me boundaries… but it was the first time I had a lot of freedom…. I learned a lot about myself; I matured. During that time, I grew to realize that I was seeking a higher education for me, not for my parents. They had instilled the necessity of higher learning all my life, but I was able to determine my own path.”

Debby has been a loyal donor since the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation began more than 30 years ago. She has always valued the importance of giving back and credits her experience in Alpha Delta Pi as a driving force for that dedication. “Sisterhood, camaraderie, belonging, finding oneself…. [I] give because of the personal feelings.”

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