Our Values

The Four Points of Our Badge

Since the founding of The Adelphean Society, our organization has operated with a set of values to motivate our members and guide our and actions. Our very first constitution—written in 1851—set forward the objects of the Society to be the mental, moral, social, and domestic improvement of its members and listed the values they looked for in new sisters as intellectual and moral worth, dignity of character, and propriety of deportment.

Throughout the years, our values were reflected in our Creed, in our membership education programming, in the four points of the diamond badge, and by our individual chapters. After conversations with members, it was clear Alpha Delta Pi needed to refine and refresh our four points of the diamond badge to better communicate and define our organizational values.

Over the course of several strategy sessions and values workshops, Grand Council discussed what matters most to our members—past, present, and future. What values and experiences matter most to our alumnae and collegians? What moments and memories connect us across this sisterhood? They found that much of what guided us throughout our history still guides us today. It just needed a little refining in language and clarity of message to be both relevant and timeless.

When we put these four core values of Alpha Delta Pi together, we have the four points of our diamond badge. We recognize these values in each and every one of our sisters, chapters, alumnae associations, and house corporations. And we hope the actions of our members—both collegiate and alumnae—always reflect Sisterhood, Service, Character, and Knowledge as the foundation of our aim to Be the First.



We believe in the power of sisterhood among women with shared values and diverse experiences. We believe our sisterhood is strongest when we cultivate a sense of belonging, loyalty, and connection in all members.








Giving back to others through time, talent, and treasure is a longstanding Alpha Delta Pi tradition. We encourage our members to exhibit generosity and offer support in their communities through in-person acts of service, highlighting important issues, and philanthropic fundraising.







Our founders recognized the importance of steadfast character in members who consistently displayed honesty, reliability, dignity, and respect for others. Alpha Delta Pi members lead with integrity and authenticity in all we do.








Alpha Delta Pi’s vision declares we are a sisterhood dedicated to lifelong personal growth and friendship. Our members are constantly seeking knowledge and learning in all forms—from formalized degrees to independent study
to self-reflection.