Member Education

Total Membership Education aims to educate Alpha Delta Pi members throughout our members’ collegiate experiences. Total Membership Education starts during the Alpha member period (our term for “new member” or “pledge”) and continues throughout the college career for our initiated members, known as Delta members. We continually make modifications to Total Membership Education to make sure that it remains relevant to the current needs of our members.

Total Membership Education focuses on creating a well-balanced diamond for both chapters and individuals. The four main points of the diamond must be in balance for the chapter and individual to function well; Total Membership Education focuses on each of these areas:

  • Self — focuses on the needs of the individual — personal enrichment, learning new skills and coping with personal problems
  • Scholarship — focuses on chapters providing the scholastic support needed by their members, and on members upholding the scholastic standards of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Sisterhood — focuses on learning to foster positive relationships in our members’ lives
  • Sorority — focuses on ensuring our members meet their obligations to each other and to their Alpha Delta Pi sisters around the world