Dear Emerging Leader…

June 14th, 2018
Filed Under: Leadership Seminar

by Leah Barnett, 2017-2018 Leadership Consultant

Emerging Leaders, Thank you… You have shown me – and so many sisters – so much grace, kindness, love for ADPi, and inspiration to do more for ADPi. Whether intentional or just in a passing moment, I have been pushed to my full leadership potential because of your efforts. 

Thank you for giving up time to share a meal with me. Thank you for chatting me up before a workshop to calm my nerves. Thank you for the many times I have relied on you all for campus tours and shared meal plans. But mostly, thank you for sharing your magic with me and pushing me to serve you in the best ways I can. 

Although a majority of my year was spent in deep conversations and heavy scheduling with our chapter officers, advisors and International Officers, there was so much more. As I am transitioning out of this time serving ADPi, I reflect on how the most effortless and enjoyable conversations in passing turned into some of the most meaningful times. These were spent with YOU. 

We are often told that “we get out of ADPi as much as we give back.” Now, Alpha Delta Pi wants to give back to you at Leadership Seminar, after your days, months or years serving us in the most profound ways. You women serve us by just being yourselves – true sisters – and inspiring us as leaders. Through the good times and the trials we face, we push through, quite honestly, because you deserve our very best. But being a leader is more than an individualistic effort. It is time for us all to start creating a road map to build more chapter leaders. The Emerging Leader Track is to serve you in these ways – giving each of you a unique opportunity. As you all experience first hand the key aspects of being a part of our organization, I only want for you to fulfill your membership as desired. So go forth and spread your magic to more sisters – knowing we are here to support you.