Pack Your Basket, Gamma Chi Hosts Their Second Annual ADPICNIC

July 27th, 2018
Filed Under: Foundation | Philanthropy

Chapter: Gamma Chi

Event Name: ADPICNIC

Event Date: April 7, 2018

Event Location: ADPi House at Texas Christian University

How many times has this event been held?  Two

Tell us about your event. ADPICNIC is our annual family-friendly tailgate held each year before a TCU baseball game. Our event included a corn hole tournament for attendees, food, lawn games, face-painting, music, a raffle, and more! Fundraising efforts included ticket sales, raffle-ticket sales, corn hole team registrations, t-shirt sales, and local community sponsors. We raised $21,830.89!!!


How did you publicize the event? Did you utilize your special event chair and/or public relations chair any throughout the planning and promotion process? We used our PR and social media chairs to help create our flyers and social media graphics. They also helped promote our event through fliers on campus, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We reached out to alumnae in the Fort Worth area, the TCU community, and parents of our sisters.


What was your favorite part of this event? Our favorite part of the event was when a representative from the Fort Worth RMH talked to everyone about how our event was helping the families staying at RMHCFW. It was very meaningful to see how all of our hard work was really going to help children and families in need of some extra support during their hard times. I think it was even more powerful for the people attending the event to really understand where their money was going.

What do you think contributed to your success? I think we did a good job of planning everything ahead of time, getting donations for our raffle, and we had cute decorations. I also think all of our advertising really helped draw a larger crowd. Compared to last year, we also had many more food donations so that was an improvement.


What tips would you offer to other chapters planning a similar event? Really focus on the PR and advertising the event, plan ahead, have a committee to help, plan for inclement weather (it was 30 degrees in April for our outside event!), and don’t be afraid to ask local companies and parents for donations to help support your event.