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September 21st, 2018
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`The new school year is officially well underway and bid day has come and gone. In the midst of the excitement, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation staff would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to the newest Alpha members! 


Jennifer Polley Webb

Chapter/University: Epsilon Nu, Ashland University

Title: Executive Director


Gist of responsibilities: In my role as Executive Director, I am responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. In addition to being responsible for management and leadership for all phases of the Foundation operation, I also serve as the chief development officer.

Favorite part about working for the Foundation:  My favorite part of working for the Foundation is the opportunity I have to meet sisters from coast to coast, to hear about their experiences in Alpha Delta Pi, and to connect them with our Foundation.

A piece of advice to our undergraduate sisters:  When we say, “It’s more than four years,” it is! In college, I was so involved in other campus activities that I didn’t always take full advantage of all that Alpha Delta Pi had to offer. But I didn’t quit! When I graduated, I volunteered and that’s when some of my best experiences in Alpha Delta Pi happened. I have amazing sisters that I’ve gotten to know since graduating. They didn’t go to my chapter at Ashland University, some are older and some are younger, they live near and far, but they are sisters I would not have met if I didn’t get involved after graduating from college. You will never know just what Alpha Delta Pi can bring to your life years from now.

Anything else you’d like to share? I want to hear from our sisters. What has been the best part of your Alpha Delta Pi experience?

Sarah Cone

Chapter/University: Alpha Xi—The Ohio State University

Title: Director of Development Operations


Responsibilities: I oversee stewardship, special events such as Day of Giving and Phonathon, annual giving appeals, and the technology side of our work.


Favorite part about working for the Foundation: I enjoy seeing what we do have a positive impact on a sister’s life. Whether it’s hearing about how a chapter officer plans to use the lessons she learned in a leadership program back on her campus or how we’ve helped a sister financially who was going through a hard time or the enthusiasm from a member who knows how much mental health programming will help her sisters… there are dozens of ways that what we do reaches our sisterhood, and I love being there to witness them.


Advice to a graduating senior: I hope you’ve had an amazing time in your chapter, but this is just the beginning of your time as an ADPi. Whether you move five minutes or five thousand miles from campus, there will be sisters there to become your community if you let them.



Mary Hollis McGreevy (Mary Hollis is a double first name!)

Chapter/University: Delta Alpha – Emory University

Title: Assistant Director of Development


Gist of responsibilities: In my role, I oversee the Foundation’s scholarship and grant programs, as well as work with our leadership-level giving societies.

Favorite part about working for the Foundation: To me, the best part about working for the Foundation is connecting members to a cause that is meaningful to them. The Foundation touches so many areas of our sisterhood, including but not limited to scholarships, leadership programming, and emergency grants. There is bound to be a cause for all interests! It is exciting to see our supporters find their perfect fit within the Foundation, whether they’re endowing a leadership fund or supporting our area of greatest need, the Annual Fund.

Piece of advice to an Alpha member/piece of advice to a graduating senior: Never doubt the possibilities when you say “yes!” Throughout your life, you will be presented with a lot of opportunities to get involved in various activities and organizations. Some of them might seem like your dream come true, but others might feel uncomfortable to you. When I was an undergraduate member in ADPi, I thought I wanted to serve as Director of Social Enrichment. When it came time for elections, I was approached about the role of Recruitment and Marketing Vice President. While this wasn’t my original plan, I went out on a limb and jumped out of my comfort zone, only to end up loving all things recruitment! When a friend or mentor asks you to step up, you will be astonished at how rewarding it can be to say “yes!”

Anything else you’d like to share? The Foundation loves to hear from our members! If you ever have a question or want to hear about our work, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Trustees or staff members. The Foundation exists to serve as a resource for our sisterhood!


Liz Danko

Chapter/University: Alpha Phi – Beta Omicron, Bowling Green State University

Title: Development and Marketing Coordinator


Gist of responsibilities: I like to say I wear two hats, and each is as fun and challenging as the other. For development, I manage incoming gifts, gift entry, philanthropy checks, and forwarding funds to Ronald McDonald Houses all over the country. If you have any questions on recurring gifts or establishing a pledge, I’m your girl. On the other hand, for marketing, I design many of the graphics used for the Foundation and our events; create and edit videos; write the blog (including this post!); and whatever other crazy ideas Jen Webb comes up with.

Favorite part about working for the Foundation: There is an environment at the Foundation that says “be your best self and help your sister be her best self”. Everyone on our team is celebrated for who they are individually, while at the same time, we work very well as a team to make good things happen for our sisters and for those at Ronald McDonald House Charities. Also, you just found out, I am not an ADPi, but I love expanding my Panhellenic circle and being surrounded by empowered women who know how to make an impact and get stuff done. These women have really expanded my definition of sisterhood and I am so grateful.

Piece of advice to a graduating senior: In my undergrad, I started working as a student caller for the Phonathon, aka the dorkiest job on campus, and found a passion for development, despite being an art major. After walking down a few different paths, I found a way to make these two passions into a career that doesn’t just feel like a daily grind—it’s rewarding! So my advice is: as you head out into the world, think about what really sets a fire in your belly. Whatever it is, firmly grasp onto it and let it empower you to take some risks. Know that as long as you advocate for yourself and what you believe in, you’ll get to where you need to be.


Carter Jaudon

Chapter/University: Delta Sigma Pi / Georgia Southern University

Title:  Business Manager


Gist of responsibilities:   Fund and general accounting, Annual Audit preparation and support, and Cash Flow

Favorite part about working for the Foundation:  The Foundation Staff.  We have a great team.

Fun Fact about yourself: A new fan of the TV show “Stranger Things” – my neighbor’s home is featured in the next season.