Your Scholarship Application Questions Answered!

February 8th, 2019
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The scholarship application deadline is right around the corner! Whether you’re polishing up your essay responses or still considering applying, you need to check this out. We’ve gathered a handful of questions about the application to share with you. These are questions that sisters have come to us with, and we figured, hey, good thinking—we should share this! Of course, if there’s something we didn’t cover that leaves you with more questions than answers, check out our official Scholarship FAQ Page. If you still need help, please email foundation@alphadeltapi.com.


1) Can Leadership Consultants provide letters of recommendation?

Sadly, no, Leadership Consultants should not be providing letters of reference for scholarships. We know that during their visit, you developed a great relationship with your LC, and we love that! Because most chapters have limited interactions with consultants, the scholarship committee prefers the letter to come from an advisor, with whom the applicant will hopefully have weekly contact. Trust us when we say that your advisor will be thrilled and honored to write a letter of recommendation. In fact, many of them attended a workshop this month at the Volunteer Leadership Academy on how to write the best letter of recommendation for you.

2) I’m an Alpha member, can I still apply?

YES!! And we encourage you to do so! As long as you have been initiated and are in good standing at the time of scholarship disbursement (around August of 2019) you are welcome to apply.

3) I need a letter of recommendation from a professor in my field of study, but I have a closer relationship with another faculty member that is in my field but not currently teaching. Could that person provide my letter of recommendation?

At first, this seemed like an incredibly specific question, but then it dawned on us all of the many relationships we built in college outside of just our professors. For instance, you may have a fabulous relationship with your educational advisor that helps you navigate through your major. Although this person may know you very well, this letter of recommendation must come from a professor in your field of study (major or minor) that has instructed you in a classroom setting. 

4) How are scholarships awarded? What is the criteria used for selection?

A panel of higher education professionals make up our scholarship selection committee. These volunteers will read, score, and recommend all scholarship recipients. They use a combination of factors including academic excellence, participation and leadership in Alpha Delta Pi, campus activities, community involvement, awards and honors, employment or other significant commitments, and financial need (if applicable).  An important criterion for selection is the essay. The committee is looking for a creative and thoughtful response to the prompts provided in a clear and concise format (500 words or less).

5) How do I apply to my chapter’s scholarship?

We offer one application for all of our scholarships. This way, you are eligible for not only your chapter’s scholarship (if that is an option) but our nationally competitive scholarships as well! 


6) How do I know my application is 100% complete?

Once you are finished with your application, you must click SUBMIT. Your application will show as PENDING until your letters have been submitted. As soon as all your letters of reference have been received, your application status will show up as SUBMITTED and you will receive an email confirmation.