First Year Down, Forever to Go

November 16th, 2020
Filed Under: Collegiate News | Sisterhood

By Cecilia Mainzer – Beta Tau, University of Akron

I never thought I would go Greek. My two older sisters were in Greek life; both Alpha Delta Pis at the Beta Tau Chapter. I was in high school while they were journeying through college, and though I heard a little bit about their ADPi experiences, I mainly focused on my current agenda. When it was my turn to start college, they encouraged me to participate in recruitment and give it a chance. Initially, I never thought Greek life would be for me, but I am now writing this little note, hoping it shows and tells you that becoming a sister of Alpha Delta Pi is one of the most incredible things I have ever done. 

I was initiated in Fall 2019, and not too soon after, there were applications for the Collegiate Advisory Committee (CAC). My sisters (biological and sorority sisters) saw the opportunity and immediately encouraged me to apply. I was hesitant, not because I was not interested, but because I was recently initiated and had just become an ADPi sister. Even though I was a new Delta, I had so much love and passion for our sisterhood already. I wanted to share my energy, perspective, and ideas, so I took the leap to join the Collegiate Advisory Committee.

Being a part of CAC was the most incredible experience and has taught me so much. The sisters across the nation are absolutely amazing and extremely helpful. I got to work with current sisters, alumnae, Directors of Membership Experience, and Grand Council towards initiatives that would better our sorority and members’ experience. During these meetings and conversations, I learned the following that will forever resonate in my heart:

  1. ADPi sisters are strong, powerful, and inspiring women, always willing to help other sisters.
  2. Our four points have a lot of meaning even through the transitions from an Alpha to Delta and finally a Pi member.
  3. ADPi really is not just four years; it is for life. 

Getting to know and actively work with ADPi sisters and alumnae was truly inspiring. For me, the calendar hasn’t marked a full year of being an ADPi sister. However, I know the anniversary of my initiation will come and go, so I cannot wait for the anniversaries to count higher and higher while I continue to stay involved in this sisterhood. ADPi alumnae have taught me that the sisterhood continues far beyond the active chapter. First-year down, forever to go!