Freedom of Association Institute: Sisters Share Their Experience

November 4th, 2022
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From September 30-October 2, student leaders from across the country gathered to learn how to advocate for freedom of association on their campuses. They heard from fraternity and sorority industry experts, legal and advocacy experts, and campus professionals and learned skills they can take home to protect their sorority experience. Hear from six of our Alpha Delta Pi members nominated by The Fraternity and Sorority Action Fund (FSAF) to attend about their experience in Chicago, IL.

Kendall Vega – Zeta Rho, Vanderbilt University

Through the Freedom of Association Institute, I gained insights on how to support not only Alpha Delta Pi but the overall Greek community on my college campus. The institute provided me with a new tool kit of knowledge and a plethora of resources to take to my campus to advocate for our First Amendment rights. I learned how other Greek members across the nation are fighting to support their various organizations and took away a sense of inspiration in our united efforts to advocate for the Greek experience.

Halle Thompson – Alpha Psi, University of Southern California

Through the First Amendment Institute, I learned about the power of the sorority experience and how to further improve on it within my chapter. I also learned how to pitch the opportunities that ADPi has provided me. Furthermore, I hope to take the skills and knowledge I gained to strengthen Alpha Psi and to better connect my chapter with USC.

Evelynn Schoenthal – Alpha Pi, The George Washington University

This experience is easily one of my favorites I’ve had while in Greek Life. I learned the importance of speaking up to protect our rights to speech and association in the face of opposition. My peers taught me much more about having open conversations with others on this topic and ways to improve the presence and reputation of Greek Life on college campuses. We’re all experiencing the same struggle of transitioning to a modern world, but with this institute, we can do so effectively while remaining committed to protecting Greek Life as a whole. I would absolutely attend the conference again as it was such an invaluable opportunity. Plus, I miss all my fellow Alpha Delta Pi sisters that attended with me. It made me feel much more connected to the organization and the sisterhood within.


Abbigail Marshall – Alpha Eta, Kansas State University

Attending the First Amendment Institute was truly an irreplaceable experience. I was able to learn and strategize about the rights I can use to protect the Greek experience on my campus as well as how to educate those in my community on the importance of Greek life. Through this, I was lucky enough to grow closer with sisters from all across the country as well as make connections across the Panhellenic and Fraternal communities. I now feel better equipped to advocate for myself and others on Kansas State’s campus and can’t wait to share with my Greek community what I have learned.


Elle Nicoletti – Rho, Boston University

I had the absolute privilege of attending the First Amendment Institute with my fellow sisters. I learned the importance of the freedom of association and was empowered to learn more about our rights. It is on us, as the next generation of leaders, to make sure that the Greek community keeps progressing and expanding to include every person who wants to be involved.


Haileigh Rushing – Alpha Theta, University of Washington

This was an amazing experience! I had the opportunity to learn how to advocate for my chapter with so many like-minded Greek men and women. I gained confidence, wisdom, and a greater passion for being an Alpha Delta Pi. I am so thankful for this opportunity and Alpha Theta!