Creativity for a Cause: Gamma Phi Hosts First Annual ‘Chacos & Tacos’

January 9th, 2017
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Who: Gamma Phi – East Tennessee State University

When: October 18, 2016

Where: White Duck Taco Shop in Johnson City, TN

What: White Duck Taco Shop in Johnson City Tennessee hosted our event, as well as donated 10% of food sales from the entire day. The idea was to have a fun philanthropy event while wearing chacos and eating some tacos. We had a photo-booth, corn-hct6ole tournament, trivia game, and a raffle drawing for a chance to win one of two pairs of Chaco sandals donated by a local outdoors store. We invited various organizations and students on campus to come join us for some tacos throughout the day.

How did you involve the entire chapter and get them excited? The whole idea in general seemed to excite the chapter (and the really cute t-shirts didn’t hurt!) What better way to raise money for our favorite philanthropy?! Sisters didn’t mind selling a few raffle tickets because they were only $5 each, and many other Greek members, ETSU students, and parents were interested in purchasing them.

What was your favorite part of this event? It was a tie between seeing sisters take pictures at the photo booth and the trivia game. The photo booth posts enhanced our social media presence and was a great way to gain publicity for the RMH and our chapter.  Trivia teams comprised of fraternity men, parents, community members and alumnae competed to win a gift card to White Duck Taco. There were three sections: tacos, ADPi, and East Tennessee State University. Some of the answers were very amusing!

What do you think ct4contributed to your success? Our chapter’s attitude in general contributed to it’s success. This was our first year doing a philanthropy event like this, and they took it and ran with it. Chapter members really publicized the event, mainly through word of mouth and social media. In doing so, we had a really great turn out.

What tips would you offer to other chapters planning a similar event? ADPi’s can’t say no to a backdrop perfect for an Instagram post. Have activities that will be entertaining and draw people in, outside of only members.  It also really boosts morale when you tell people they can wear their comfiest shoes (Chaco’s of course). I would also recommend planning way ahead of time to ensure if conflict arises you have time to fix the problem. It also allows you to publicize the event more, and, most importantly, raise more money for Ronald McDonald House Charities and the ADPi Foundation.




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