Theta Tau's 'Pie-A-President' Raised More Than $2,000 for RMHC

February 2nd, 2017
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Who: Theta Tau – University of Pennsylvania14666207_1784712221771418_2875155671438703234_n

When: October 1, 2016

Where: Irvine Auditorium, University of Pennsylvania

What: This was our third annual event, and we invited everyone on campus to nominate their favorite campus leaders.  For $3, participants could pie their leaders in the face with whipped cream to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities.  We also sold refreshments and raffle tickets.

How did you publicize the event?  Due to inclement weather in the days leading up to the event, posting flyers around campus was a bit difficult.  Therefore, we turned to social media to spread the word about the event.  We created a cover photo that everyone used on Facebook, and sisters tagged all of the participants.  In addition, we asked student leaders to pass along the event information to their respective groups.

How did you involve the entire chapter and get them excited? We set goals for the chapter such as the number of student leaders nominated, the number of participants, and the number of people invited to the event.  We updated sisters on our progress so that everyone would be motivated to reach these goals.

What was your favorite part of this event? Definitely watching all of the creative ways people came up with to pie their student leaders!

What do you think contributed to your success? Our event was successful because we were able to get so many people involved.  Not only were all of our sisters a part of this event, but we also had representation from over 80 student groups on campus!

What tips would you offer to other chapters planning a similar event? Start planning early and set concrete goals for the chapter!

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