Eta Omicron’s ‘Buy-a-Pi(e)’ Raises Over $1,400 for RMHC!

April 13th, 2017
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Who: Eta Omicron – Western Connecticut State University

When: February 232017IMG_0963

What: Each sister bakes a pie to be auctioned off, and at the event, she goes on stage with her pie to begin the bidding! An auction is an entertaining and easy way to raise money because who doesn’t love some friendly competition?! (Especially college guys…) This competitive nature ultimately means more money for RMHC and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Overall, we raised more than $1,400, so it was definitely a huge success!

How did you involve the entire chapter and get them excited? We made this a mandatory event, but to gain chapter support and build excitement leading up to the event, I read each sister a story of a family at the RMHC to build a personal connection.

What activities did you add for your guests? After 4 years of successful ‘Buy a Pi(e)’ days, we added something a little something extra. Each pie came with a toothpick that shared a story about someone that stayed at our local RMHC. We also added raffle baskets and decorated the entire room.

What do you plan to improve on next year? More campus involvement! Whether that means holding a small PR event or setting up a tent the week prior or even emailing Campus Student Involvement to reach more on-campus club
s and organizations.

What tips do you have for other chapters planning a similar event? Assign sisters to specific committees so they know exactly what their responsibilities are!





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