3rd Annual ‘Pizza Pie’ at University of California, Berkeley, Is a Huge Success!

April 20th, 2017
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Who: Psi-University of California, BerkeleyDSC_3805

What: ‘Pizza Pie’

When: February 25, 2017

How many times has this event been held? 3 years

Tell us about your event. We hold our annual Pizza Pie event in the spring semester, where guests purchase a ticket that includes two slices of pizza, a drink and some great live music. The spread of pizza is from different locally owned and operated pizza restaurants in the Berkeley neighborhood. Guests pick two slices of pizzEGL_1056a from two different pizza shops, and on their way out, they vote for the best pizza. The winning restaurant becomes “The Pizza Pie” and gets an
advertisement in the Daily Californian paid for by our chapter.

How did you publicize the event? Our public relations chair used our various social media platforms to promote the event and encouraged all sisters to share the event. Members of the philanthropy committee advertised on campus with fun and creative posters, along with flyers designed by our merchandise chair.

What do you think contributed to your success? Each and every sister; I had past philanthropy chairs constantly advising me, while the philanthropy committee worked tirelessly planning the event and helping with all the preparations. Then the efforts of every woman who went out of their way to sell tickets and make the event known on campus. Even before we had guests at the house, sisters were already so enthusiastic about the day and it was that positive energy that attracted so many people to buy pizza and stick around to enjoy the atmosphere, which in some cases meant they bought more pizza. A philanthropy event can very well be a sisterhood event too, and I personally think that the fact that there was so much involvement and enthusiasm from every member was why we were able to raise more money for the Ronald McDonald House from this event than we ever have before.

What tips would you offer to other chapters planning a similar event? Reach out to as many pizza companies as possible and never underestimate how many people are willing to buy pizza, especially on a college campus, so chances that you will run out is very high. The more sponsors the better. This creates variety and an incentive for the restaurants to sponsor because you are helping to market their name and food hungry college kids.


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