So, What’s the Deal with Voting at Grand Convention?

April 26th, 2017
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Will you serve as a Voting Delegate at Grand Convention this summer in Hollywood?  Have you ever wondered more about how and what voting occurs at Grand Convention?  Well, let’s answer your questions!  Convention is an incredible time of learning, fun, and sisterhood but also a time to conduct the business of the Sorority as we prepare for the future.

Grand Convention is held every two years during odd-numbered years.  International Officers, past Grand Council members, Chapter Presidents, and one delegate from each Chapter Advisory Board, Alumnae Association, and House Corporation Board in good standing and in attendance at Convention serve as Voting Delegates during the Convention business meetings.  These delegates elect the members of Grand Council, who serve for the next biennium, and vote on amendments to the sorority’s Bylaws and proposed Resolutions.  All Alpha Delta Pi members are invited to attend Convention, but only the voting delegates (mentioned above) may vote.

A process known as “credentialing” is required for delegates voting on behalf of a Chapter Advisory Board, Alumnae Association, or House Corporation Board.  A memo will be sent to these delegates in early May by the Convention Marshal with specific instructions on getting credentialed.  This process is quite simple, but it does require the completion of an affidavit form to be notarized confirming that the individual is indeed in good standing and eligible to vote on behalf of that particular entity.  Credentialing is not required for International Officers, past Grand Council members, or Chapter Presidents.

All voting delegates should have received a memo from the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and the Nominating Committee on Thursday, April 13th which included proposed amendments to the Bylaws of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and proposed resolutions as well as nominations for election to Grand Council of Alpha Delta Pi.  Voting delegates are highly encouraged to take time prior to Grand Convention to study the materials and share the information with other sisters so that our officer selection and bylaws review process continues to have the benefit of a well-informed electorate that enhances the efficiency and quality of the process.  Hard copies of these materials will not be provided on site at Convention, so print them in advance if you’d like a hard copy!  You can find all proposed amendments and Grand Council candidate profile sheets on the website.

All Convention attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about each Grand Council candidate prior to elections at a Town Hall “Meet the Candidates” meeting where the candidates will answer questions posed by the membership.  A Bylaws Review session will be held on the first day of Convention to provide attendees an opportunity to ask questions about the amendment process and individual amendments.  The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and a certified parliamentarian lead this session.  The parliamentarian is available for individual questions at the beginning of each day.  Questions can also be asked during the business meeting as each amendment and resolution is considered and discussed.

A few additional expectations for attendees include…

  • Voting delegates are expected to attend all business meetings during Convention.
  • During the meetings, voting delegates will sit in assigned seats with non-voting Convention attendees seated in the back.
  • All attendees must abide by the Convention rules, which shall be read and adopted at the start of the first business meeting. The Convention Marshal ensures all are complying with these rules.
  • The voting delegates should listen carefully to all discussion and then vote as she feels is best for the future of the sorority, based on her Chapter/Alumnae Association/House Corporation’s wishes, as well as what she learns at Convention.
  • The delegates should report the result of the elections, Bylaws amendments and resolutions to her Chapter/Alumnae Association/House Corporation and ensure all members understand how the changes will affect each individual or entity.

So, that’s the voting process in a nutshell!  It’s a big job and an important responsibility.  Come prepared to Grand Convention and you’ll do a fantastic job representing our sisterhood!


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