Grand Convention Guest Blogger, Taylor!

June 30th, 2017
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Hello, hello! My name is Taylor Foulk, and I am the Membership Education Vice President for the Zeta Mu chapter (whoop whoop)! In the small town of Boone, North Carolina is where my heart and people reside, but I couldn’t be happier to be at convention this week! This is my very first Grand Convention, and I could not have asked for a better location. Here in Hollywood, Florida, the beautiful white sand and clear ocean water brings my heart joy. After just one day of experiencing this event, and meeting sisters from all over the U.S. and Canada, I have gained so much.

As I began to embark on this journey, I was super excited to hear that we would be rooming with individuals from other colleges/universities. Speaking of, shout out to my awesome roommate Annabelle Hale from North Carolina State University (be sure to check out her blog post this week too)!!

The Processional of the 166th Anniversary Convention was absolutely beautiful. It was simply humbling to walk through all 160 flags of active and dormant chapters of Alpha Delta Pi. I loved witnessing the traditions of our sorority, and was overjoyed to see all of our Grand Council members in one location for the first time!

The Foundation Luncheon was delicious, and it was wonderful experiencing the numerous alumnae and collegiate members that so generously contribute to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

The first business meeting was an awesome sight to see as a collegiate member. Although I was not a voting delegate, getting to witness process in which we make change in the sorority was very rewarding!

Lastly, tonight at our Lion in the Sun dinner, we had the privilege of hearing Tina VanSteenbergen speak about her experience as a sorority woman. Tina not only showed us how valuable sisterhood is, but explained that regardless of our age, we as sisters face joyful and difficult times in our lives. I had the privilege of speaking to two former Grand Council members during the interactive portion of the presentation. Within ten minutes of conversation I learned so much from these wonderful women. We broke past surface level conversation and dove into deeper more meaning discussion, and I think that is the epitome of the wonderful and generous sisterhood we have here in Alpha Delta Pi.


  1. Fran Bryan says:

    So glad to see your blog. So glad you are having such a wonderful experience! See you tonight at the awards banquet – L&L Fran Bryan

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