Why I Wanted to #BeAnLC

July 24th, 2017
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You met Jessie last week in our Meet the LCs post, but now read why she wanted to #BeAnLC!

Up until my sophomore year, I had little exposure to Alpha Delta Pi outside of my individual chapter. In the spring of that year, when I had taken on my role as Executive Vice President, it was the first time I truly interacted with someone that represented Alpha Delta Pi on an international level. After meeting so many wonderful LC’s like Nicole Nunes, Amanda Smith and Hannah Peterson, I knew it would be an honor to represent Alpha Delta Pi in such a positive, strong, and empowering way.

Additionally, my love for travel is a big factor, and the thought of being able to experience how every chapter is so different, yet so similar in the basic bones of Alpha Delta Pi’s ritual, makes me excited for the year ahead. However, on a deeper level, I want the opportunity to help other chapters with all the knowledge, encouragement, and support Alpha Delta Pi has given me throughout the years; and ultimately be able to give back to Alpha Delta Pi for giving me all that, and more.

I have been a part of a chapter with many ups and downs. I have seen two very different extremes of an Alpha Delta Pi chapter, and I want to be able to pass along the knowledge and experiences that helped Epsilon Xi. I can’t wait to support those chapters that are struggling, and encourage those chapters that are already strong.

Overall, I really just want to give back to the organization that changed my life. I have gained so much knowledge, leadership, and appreciation during my time in Alpha Delta Pi, and it is my wish to share my experiences and help other sisters in chapters nationwide.


  1. Dawn Victor-Herring says:

    Loved your story!! Best of luck sister!

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