Dear Potential New Member…

August 1st, 2017
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jenningsblogSorority recruitment can be an intimidating process, but Jennings Cool, Zeta Mu’s Recruitment and Marketing Vice President, gives one of the best pieces of advice for anyone going through recruitment!

Dear Potential New Member,

Just two years ago, I was contemplating registering for recruitment. I had heard the stereotypes, the rumors, and all the misconceptions regarding Greek Life. In addition, the idea of sorority recruitment was intimidating; finding the right outfits, anticipating what questions to ask, and worrying about being “perfect”. What I quickly learned was all my reservations regarding Greek Life and sorority recruitment were insignificant.

Recruitment is not a time to pretend to be someone who you aren’t. It is not a time to panic and obsess about the little things, such as what outfit you will wear during each round or how your hair looks. It is a time to be confident in yourself, realize your value and potential, and be the amazing person that you already are. Yes, going through recruitment can be intimidating, but every sorority woman on the other side is thrilled to meet you. We are excited to learn about your values, your interests, and your passions. We are excited to get to know YOU!

I could go on and on with pieces of advice for going through recruitment, but I believe that this is the most important. No matter what organization you become a part of, hold true to who you are. Sororities will challenge you and push you, but they will only push you to be a better version of yourself!

These next years will be your greatest! Get excited! We cannot wait to meet you!


Jennings Cool
Recruitment and Marketing Vice President
Zeta Mu, Appalachian State University


  1. Dawn Victor-Herring says:

    Fabulous advice!!!

  2. Timberley Adams says:

    I recently posted this on our ZM alumni FB group page. It still holds very true:
    Thoughts on “buy a friend” and sisterhood.
    During my recent (health) challenges I have become very aware of the power of friendship and prayer. I remember back in the day we used to hear comments saying things like “at least I didn’t have to buy a friend!” Let me just say that it was the best decision I ever made. There were days after my surgery when I couldn’t read my FB feed or texts but my husband read them for me. You all (ADPi) sustained both of us in a way that I couldn’t have imagined and I thank you from the bottom of my azure blue heart! I thank you for the visits, the flowers, and the violets during a tough week. I feel like I’m back on the right path now. My mind now wonders how much better off the world would be if everyone had “buy a friend”?!?
    Just a thought… Loyally, TAdams joined ADPi in 1978.

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