There’s a Zeta in the House!

August 10th, 2017
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We couldn’t be happier to welcome our new Meeting Planner, Betsy Povolny! Betsy is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and has fully embraced working at Alpha Delta Pi. Read more to get to know Betsy and learn what its like to work for an NPC organization other than your own! 


Tell us about you! 

Hello Everyone! My name is Betsy Povolny, and I am the new Meeting Planner here at Executive Office. I am from Lakeville, Minnesota. After high school, I went to the University of Iowa where I studied Entrepreneurship and was a member of the Alpha Omicron chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. In my time at Iowa, I was very involved in many ways. I served in various positions within ZTA, as well as serving on the University’s Homecoming Executive Council, the Fraternity and Sorority Life’s Greek Week Executive Council, and I was the Intern in the Fraternity and Sorority Life office on campus. A few of my favorite things include: the Iowa Hawkeyes, spending time with family and friends, sports, the Minnesota State Fair, killer whales, traveling, the TV show FRIENDS, being creative/crafty, and the color purple. A fun fact about myself is that I taught myself how to make balloon animals.

What was your experience like working for Zeta Tau Alpha?

betsylcfriendsJust after graduating, I began working as a Traveling Leadership Consultant for Zeta Tau Alpha. I visited 21 chapters on 26 visits in 11 states. My experience was filled with once-in a-lifetime memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Each of my visits taught me about myself, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to grow more as a person than I ever have in my life. I made deep connections with chapter members and enjoyed celebrating their successes. And I can’t forget about my fellow TLC sisters, who have become some of my best friends and having them in my life has been a blessing.

What does the Meeting Planner do?

There are many things, myself, as the Meeting Planner takes care of on a daily basis but in a nutshell, I work with International Officers, Grand Council, and other Executive Office staff to plan the conferences and conventions that Alpha Delta Pi puts on. I take care of the planning logistics of all 6 District Leadership Conferences, Adelphean Compass Conference, and the summer meeting, whether that’s Leadership Seminar or Grand Convention. Because I am new to the role there is a lot to learn and I am enjoying every minute.

Did you ever think you would work for another NPC group?

While I never thought specifically about working at an Executive Office, I have thought about working in Fraternity and Sorority Life in one way or another. Coming off the road, I wasn’t exactly sure what my next experience would be. I knew I felt passionate about events and sorority. So, imagine my complete and utter surprise and excitement when I saw the job posting for the Meeting Planner position for an NPC organization. Meant to be? I strongly believe so!

What has it been like working for Alpha Delta Pi? 


Since day one of working here at Executive Office, it has really been an amazing experience. I didn’t know exactly what to expect being the only staff member that was affiliated with another NPC organization, but I can honestly say I have felt nothing but welcomed and valued. They have accepted my touches of turquoise and crowns with thoughtful curiosity and a mutual appreciation for sorority in general. It is very apparent how much this staff appreciates each other and how deeply they care about giving their members the best experiences possible. And it doesn’t hurt that the Executive Office building is a gorgeous one to drive up to everyday.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

There are so many things to look forward to! I am excited to be able to see the meetings I am already working so hard on come to life. Some people may not know just how much work goes into these meetings, by not only myself, but also by countless volunteers and International Officers, EO staff, and Grand Council. I have already enjoyed and look forward to meeting and getting to know Alpha Delta Pi members at all stages in their membership. This is a very special organization and I feel honored to just be part of the great work they are doing.

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