ADPi Impresses Campus With Research Project

September 5th, 2017
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Hannah Lambert is a senior at Shorter University and a very active member of our Theta Upsilon chapter. She was selected for an academic presentation competition open to all students called Celebrate Shorter to present her research project. Read more to learn more about Hannah and her incredible accomplishments!

hannahlhsTell us about you!

My name is Hannah Lambert and I am a Senior Accounting Major at Shorter University. I came home to Alpha Delta Pi in the Fall of 2014. During my time in Alpha Delta Pi, I have served a variety of positions including Pride Leader, Executive Vice President, and two-terms as President.

What is your major and why?

I am an Accounting major; however, it wasn’t until college when I started taking accounting classes that I realized that it was a perfect fit for me and where my skills lie. I love learning about the financial side of the business industry and seeing how the numbers represent everything that is going on behind the scenes of a business. I especially have a passion for the non-profit industry and had the opportunity to intern with an auditing firm this summer that specializes in audits for non-profits. Throughout the summer I realized that I have truly found my passion as I have been able to see the industry first hand and see how our work with our clients can help them better serve their mission.

What is Celebrate Shorter, and why/how did you enter?

Celebrate Shorter is an annual academic competition supported by the Honor’s Committee at Shorter University. The goal of the competition is to allow students the opportunity to share their individual research accomplishments with the faculty, staff, and students of Shorter University. During the spring of my Junior year, as I was looking to fulfill an Honor’s Academy requirement for my academic year, I started to look into current events relating to my major that I could use as a my research start. During this time, the Wells Fargo fraudulent accounts scheme was on the news every morning and I instantly became intrigued with how such a well-known business could get caught in a fraudulent scheme that region-wide. I looked specifically into how the fraudulent activities related to different management theories and how Wells Fargo allowed the fraud to occur on a company-wide level. My accounting professor and the Chair of the Honor’s Academy encouraged me to submit a proposal in regards to my research to share all that I had learned throughout my semester.

hannahlambertTell me about your experience in the competition and what it felt like to be selected to present.

When I found out I was selected as one of the main presenters, I was overjoyed to see all my hard work pay off. I was never intending for my research to go past my professor’s desk, but it was truly an honor to be selected and share it with the entire school. I enjoyed spending the day seeing other students who were excelling in their respective areas of study share all that they had been researching as well. Furthermore, I grew tremendously as I learned how to best present my work. The support from my professors, family, and friends on the day of the presentation made all of the hard work worth it.

What have you gained from this experience?

From this experience, I have gained confidence in my work and in my abilities to push myself to the next level personally, professionally, and academically. Academically, I have discovered a passion for the auditing industry as I saw how improper internal controls can truly effect an organization at every level.

hannahfriendDid ADPi help you in any way for this project?

My Alpha Delta Pi sisters were there for me every step of the way throughout my project. They supported me through the research phase, listened as I practiced my presentation time and time again, and celebrated with me as I was selected as a finalist. They encouraged me to reach my full potential academically and for that I am beyond thankful.

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