October 4th, 2017
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by Maddie Landers, Zeta Psi – University of North Carolina Greensboro

As a Leadership Consultant, recruitment isn’t one week, it’s a season of its own! Some call recruitment the best season of the year, and as it’s slowing down, I’d like tell you about my experience these past 6 weeks.

maddieblog3One thing I have learned, is that being a Leadership Consultant is a weird job. In what other jobs would I be making tutus, having dance parties to the ADPi raps (if you haven’t listened to them….you definitely should), and dealing with leaks in the house from a storm DURING House Tour parties?!

During the first month of traveling, I was able to be a part of three spirit weeks and four formal recruitments. I have adored my time at chapters in Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee. I love each chapter for a different reason, and these sisters have shown me the true spirit of sisterhood. And as a plus, they have treated me to some awesome local cuisine (I now have an obsession with Whataburger).


I have literally been eating, sleeping, and breathing recruitment for a solid five weeks, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I would have never admitted this during undergrad, but I am really going to miss recruitment until it creeps back around in January. When you’re a part of so many different ADPi recruitments, it makes you wish you could still be a part of your own (sending lots of love, Zeta Psi)!

I am so proud to see our sisters recruiting the first and the finest all around the country. This sisterhood is so real, and shines through during recruitment. Whether this is your first time recruiting for Alpha Delta Pi or your last, take a moment to breath and be thankful that you are part of such an incredible organization!

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