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October 23rd, 2017
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Ever wonder what happens to Leadership Consultants once their year on the road is over? Well, for these ladies, it’s almost as if they never left… literally! Meet the Executive Office Sisters of the Suitcase, and read the impact traveling had on them, both personally and professionally.

“Being a TCS had a huge impact on my life. It started my never-ending journey as an engaged alumna. I have served on the international level continuously since I traveled and made hundreds of sisters into dear friends. To say it has enriched my life is an understatement!”

Linda Ablard, Executive Director traveled 1975-1976


“My year as an LC completely changed me for the better. Traveling from chapter to chapter, meeting new sisters, and giving back to ADPi was one of the greatest things I’ve had the chance to do. Now, working with the LCs in my every day job, I get the opportunity to see the impact they are making on a daily basis. I love what this program does for our chapters and for the individuals that serve.”

–  Annie Hardie, Leadership Services Manager traveled 2006-2007

“As a former Traveling Leadership Consultant for Zeta Tau Alpha I was given the once in a lifetime chance to travel the country, meet amazing women, and see phenomenal places. Nothing was more rewarding than supporting my fellow sisters as they strive for greatness and working with them on the tools they needed to succeed. Along the way, I grew tremendously as a person. This job pushes you outside your comfort zone and presents all sorts of new challenges that you never thought you’d be able to overcome. You become a quicker thinker, a harder worker, and a more empathetic person. Whether it’s as simple as giggling with sisters or as exciting as exploring new cities, the people I met and the places I traveled to have left a lasting impact on my heart. I have such extreme gratitude for having been given the opportunity to serve in this way. I will never be able to repay ZTA and this experience for all it’s given me, but I’ll never give up trying.”

–  Betsy Povolny, Meeting Planner traveled for ZTA 2016-2017

“Serving as a Traveling Chapter Consultant (TCC – the name for our Leadership Consultant program in the 1990s!) was a life changing experience for me.  When I set out for my first chapter visit in Texas as a recent graduate from Georgia, I was truly embarking on a journey that would enrich my life in more ways than I imagined.  I had chapter sisters who had traveled before me, so I had an understanding of the job, but did not fully appreciate when accepting the position just how much I would grow and change through the experience.  As I traveled, I was not connected through technology to my family, friends, or fellow travelers in the same way that our current LCs are connected.  Although challenging at times, I credit this sense of “independence” for teaching me so much about myself and my capabilities.  I learned more that year about my capabilities and personal drive than perhaps I learned throughout my time in college. The personal growth was just one benefit of the experience though; the relationships that I formed during that year are perhaps the even greater benefit.  Because of ADPi and my year as a consultant, I am connected to an amazing, powerful network of women across the globe.  We’re all at different stages of life, work in different professions, live in different cities, but we all share Alpha Delta Pi.  These women are my friends, my mentors, my sisters, my extended family.  Little did I know at the age of 21 when accepting the position as a TCC, that in 2017 I would still consider that opportunity to be one of the greatest blessings and privileges of my life.

–  Jennifer Dickinson, Growth & Development Manager traveled 1996-1997 

“If I had to describe my year as a Leadership Consultant in one word, it would be growth. Interestingly enough, the same word can be used to describe the reason I applied. I started my year on the road with aspirations to inspire, teach, and mentor every woman I came in contact with, but little did I know, that I’d end up learning a whole lot more from them then they probably did from me. I learned and grew tremendously during every moment I served this sisterhood. I was pushed, challenged, and encouraged to be the best version of myself. It’s comforting to know that I’ll have ADPi forever because I know I’ll never stop growing.”

–  Hannah Peterson, Communications Coordinator traveled 2016-2017

“Being a Leadership Consultant empowered me to be my best self. In this role, I learned to take on experiences with an open heart and mind which allowed me to learn, grow, and build meaningful relationships. I set out to give back to a sisterhood that gave me so much and didn’t realize how much it would continue to teach me as an alumna. It’s been more than 6 years since I hit the road and every day I use the skills I learned in both my work and personal life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my LC experience and am grateful for the amazing people it brought into my life!”

Cristina Perez, Curriculum Design Coordinator traveled 2011-2013 

“Wow, oh wow! The privilege of being selected and serving our sisterhood as a Leadership Consultant is one that is beyond compare to any experience or job that I’ve ever had and honestly will ever have. During my time out on the road, I was continuously inspired by the collegiate women, advisors, International Officers, and staff members I had the pleasure of working with. These relationships helped and continue to shape me into the woman I am today. However, I must say the true bonds of friendship I formed with the 8 other women I traveled with impacted me the most. This wolfpack, as we affectionally call ourselves, was there for me at any given moment during my time on the road and continues to be even if we are hundreds of miles apart. Bonding with women from all different chapters is a testament to our shared sisterhood and continues to teach me the power of true female friendships!

–  Meg Hoffay, Collegiate Relations Coordinator traveled 2014-2016

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