2018-2019 Scholarship Applications are LIVE!

November 3rd, 2017
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The wait is over. Scholarship applications for the 2018-19 academic year are officially open! As always, the deadline to submit your application is March 1st so make sure to start early and give yourself ample time to complete your application.

Here is a timeline to help you plan:

  • November – Scholarship Applications Open.
  • March 1 – Applications are due! No late materials will be accepted. All advisor forms and professor letters must be submitted online.
  • April – Scholarship Committee will review and select award recipients.
  • May – Foundation Board of Trustees will approve the recipients.
  • June – Notifications to all recipients and non-recipients.
  • July – Signed Scholarship agreements due to the Foundation (recipients only).
  • August – Checks mailed from the Foundation directly to the College/University.

txstHere are some additional tips to help with your application:

  • Start early. Although you essentially have four months to complete your application, we see the biggest surge the last week (and the last day) the application is open. By starting in November, you can knock out the easy questions, like your name, address, chapter, major, etc…After you get back from break, finish your application – ADPi and community involve (include those officer positions), upload your transcript, submit your references.
  • Ask early. Recommendations are part of the application. You will need to ask an Alpha Delta Pi volunteer – so an advisor, house corporation board member, alumnae association officer, International officer, etc. who will submit a form on your behalf. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate students will need at least one letter from a professor in your major/minor. Continuing education students or graduate students who have been out of school for 2+ years can acquire this letter from an employer instead. We’re all busy, so it’s important to ask for their support early.
  • Refresh your resume. Since so much of the application has to do with your accomplishments, involvement, and service it would be helpful for you to refresh that resume. Your career services office on campus should be able to help you, or there are wonderful resources online.
  • Use our Scholarship Guide. We created this helpful scholarship guide to answer your questions, provide some insight into the process, and help you get your application completed!

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What is new this year?

  • Grad students, we heard you! You are now able to submit your application without being accepted into a program by the March 1st If you have not been accepted, you are free to apply with the understanding that if awarded a scholarship, you will be able to provide your acceptance documentation over the summer.
  • Your Alpha Delta Pi recommendation will now be a form instead of a letter. We want to make it easier for your advisors to submit a worthwhile recommendation (even if she was asked by 10 other women from your chapter). There will still be ample room for her to mention how great you are, don’t worry! This form will be part of your application. Just fill out her contact info and the form will be sent directly to her via email.
  • Speaking of recommendations, we are extending the deadline for your recommendations. Your professor and Alpha Delta Pi recommender will have until March 15, 2018 to submit.
  • More scholarship opportunities! Here is a list of chapters and states with scholarships available to them. We also offer numerous national scholarships open to all members in good standing of Alpha Delta Pi. Click here for a current list. And as a reminder, you only need to submit ONE application to be eligible for all scholarships for which you qualify.

Scholarships Available 18-19

Good luck, sisters! If you have any questions not answered in the Scholarship Guide or on the FAQ Scholarship Page, please email foundation@alphadeltapi.com.



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