I am Thankful, Appreciative, and Grateful

November 29th, 2017
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by Dawn Victor Herring, International Vice President of Organizational Relations

FullSizeRenderI received a Thanksgiving card this week that made me pause and think of all the things I am grateful for in my life.  For me, Alpha Delta Pi changed my life the day I was invited into membership.  I can honestly say it continues to provide me with relationships that nourish my soul.  The card I received had the words, thankful, appreciative and grateful on the front.  The message on the inside read, “Giving thanks today for how good life is …And for sisters who make it that way.”   I thought of the sister who sent the card, and picked up the phone to tell her how thankful I was to know her and have her in my life.

222I am thankful that ADPi has provided me a space to meet so many wonderful sisters.  These relationships have sustained me through college, career, family, and beyond and have helped me become the woman I am today.  I remember the moment I met my Big (Diamond) Sister. I was not an ADPi at the time. She heard I was coming to campus and asked me to try out for a position with the Pride of Dixie Marching Band.  She told me it would provide a scholarship.  I tried out, made the team, and the rest is history.  I went on to lead the Color Guard and ADPi.  She believed in me and for that I am forever grateful.

4144I am appreciative of all the sisters who lifted me up while I was a chapter officer.  The first International Officer I met believed in me and my chapter.  She showed me the value of advisors, commitment, hard work, and trust.  She engaged me and encouraged me throughout my collegiate years.  She wrote my recommendation for Traveling Chapter Consultant and has been a part of every decision I have made in ADPi.  She is a friend, mentor, advocate, and ADPi mom.  She will always have my heart.

I am grateful for every opportunity to meet a sister.  Through my work with the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation and Grand Council, I meet them at celebrations, expansion events, recruitment, and alumnae association meetings. I’ve met sisters and their families on planes, trains, buses, in doctor’s offices, and on the street. Every time I make that connection with a sister, my heart is warmed.

Alpha Delta Pi has given me so much to be thankful for in my life. I just returned home from the University of North Florida where we installed our 161st chapter. I was thrilled to hear the stories of these new sisters and excited to watch their success. I try to start and end each day by touching base with a sister from across the country. I can’t imagine a day without my sisters. Today, I give thanks for my membership in Alpha Delta Pi and the relationships that sustain me.  We live for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi.


  1. Cherie Dutton (Alpha Theta) says:

    Thanks again Dawn, for being here with Alpha Theta to help celebrate our Centennial in April. It was such a privilege to meet you, one I will always remember. Thanks too, for your many years of caring and hard work to make our ADPi sisterhood all it is today. Sending Love and blessings, Cherie Dutton ’56

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