Trust the Journey

January 8th, 2018
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by Hannah Stastny, Iota Epsilon – University of North Florida Founding Member

hannahstastnyThroughout my college years, I figured out that everything truly does happen for a reason. I transferred to University of North Florida my second year and decided to go through formal recruitment to meet new friends and be more involved on campus. Unfortunately, I felt out-of-place during formal recruitment. Yes, I did meet some great women, but I knew something wasn’t right. I noticed myself trying to be someone I wasn’t, solely to get a bid. I didn’t want to go into a chapter knowing I wasn’t 100% myself, so I dropped. After a year of thinking sorority life just wasn’t for me, I was given another chance.

UNF Panhellenic shared that there would be a new chapter forming in Fall 2017. I knew this would be a great opportunity to be a part of something new, so I decided to try it out. My mother, who saw how upset I was after dropping formal recruitment, questioned why I was going to try sorority life again. No one in my family had gone Greek in college, so I assumed Greek life wasn’t for me either. In the back of my mind, I knew that I was given another opportunity for a reason. As soon as Alpha Delta Pi stepped foot on UNF’s campus, I submitted my interview application and attended their information sessions.

hannahs2The first night of the information sessions was Blue & White night. The women hosting this night were genuine, smiling ear to ear, and portrayed the kind of women I hoped to one day become. This is when I knew I wanted to become an ADPi. I looked around the room to see my potential sisters and felt a little scared. Would I fit in? Did I have what it takes to be a sorority woman? All those worries went away after I received a congratulations email a few days after interviews. I was so thankful that I had waited on joining a sorority until this moment.

The next morning was our Bid Day. I was nervous it would be awkward since none of us really knew each other. As soon as I stepped foot into our Bid Day room, I had comfortable conversations with my sisters. I knew I could be friends with these girls and didn’t have to force myself to be someone I wasn’t. Each and every girl is different in terms of their interests, backgrounds, etc. One thing we all have in common is our love for ADPi and this unique sisterhood we quickly formed.

hannahsFast forward to a few months after Bid Day and a group of 72 girls had become a whole. It is crazy to remember how we were all strangers before our chapter formed. I met my best friends on Bid Day. We quickly became close and each love being apart of Iota Epsilon.

We were given the opportunity to make the newest chapter on UNF what we wanted it to be. With that freedom, I say we nailed the first few months! We competed in many philanthropy events (including our own), won Second Place in Zeta Round Up, won Second Place in Greek Week, had a Sisterhood Retreat, and completed many more accomplishments before our Initiation. I am so proud of our chapter for putting our all into it. We are always doing something for our chapter with one another.

My advice to potential new members of Alpha Delta Pi and other organizations is to trust the journey. Once you trust the journey, you will end up where you are meant to be. Believe in yourself and the way of life. Trusting the process has led to a life of true friendships. I am so grateful for my sisters and the opportunity to be a part of such a strong sisterhood.

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