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February 13th, 2018
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By, Lori Sabin Wilken, Eta Kappa Chapter

Being grateful for relationships and experiences in my life is vital to me, and I appreciate that ADPi has given me many of both!  Contributing to our ReMember Dues program annually has enabled me to give back to Alpha Delta Pi for the many unexpected, yet rewarding, experiences it afforded me in college and as an alumna.  It is my hope that by giving to the program thousands of other young women will have the same valuable experiences.


When I selected a four-year university none of my friends would be attending, I knew I needed a way to meet people on my new campus.  Formal sorority recruitment was the answer, though I didn’t realize what I was embarking upon at the time!  Joining ADPi gave me a place to not only make lifelong friends, but to further my leadership skills.  I served as Chapter President, Member at Large, and was elected Greek Council President.

As an alumna I have been honored to serve as Chapter Advisor, President and Treasurer of my alumnae association, and as an International Officer; Alumnae Resource Director.

It may sound like all I did in college was attend classes and work in all these offices, but along with the work there were hours of fun!  Swing-a-thon, recruitment practice, Greek Week, fraternity socials, candle passings, Founders’ Days, sleepovers and retreats are all special memories I hold dear because of the sisters who were with me.  I think it says a lot that many of us still gather annually 31 years later!

Today, both of my daughters are members. In addition to making their mother ecstatic by joining Alpha Delta Pi, they will experience the same leadership, scholarship, philanthropic, and social opportunities that I did. I am glad that I can help continue the legacy of Alpha Delta Pi by contributing to the ReMember Dues program and I am proud to do so.

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