A Young Alumna’s Take on Being an Advisor

March 13th, 2018
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by Brianna Glazier, Alpha Beta – University of Iowa

Ever since my senior year of college, I knew that I wanted to stay involved with Alpha Delta Pi after I graduated, whether it was as a Leadership Consultant, Chapter Advisor, or Alumnae Association member.

Before I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in June for my new job, I looked on the Alpha Delta Pi website for the closest Alumnae Associations in Missouri and happened to find one up north where I would be living. After sending an email to the email address provided, I received a response a few days later from a sister named Robin. She told me some information about the association and suggested we grab coffee. One evening after work, I met Robin at a local coffee shop, and we instantly clicked. It was really special to see how the bonds of this sisterhood spread across all ages. Robin mentioned that the association meets several times during the year at local restaurants where they socialize with one another and include activities to incorporate the Ronald McDonald House. Additionally, they organize other events during the year where sisters can get together to do different things such as cooking classes, art classes, shopping events, and much more. One of these events was coming up in August, and Robin extended an invitation for me to join.

Once August came around, the alumnae event was soon approaching. I remember showing up at the event not knowing anyone, but was greeted with friendly smiles and hellos. As the event ended, I walked out of there with 25 new friends, several of which were recent graduates like myself. It was at this event where I met Martha Steele, Omicron II Collegiate Province Director for District 5. She had asked me what I hoped to get involved with as an alumna member, and I expressed my interest in being a Chapter Advisor. Shortly after, we parted ways for the evening.

In October, I received a phone call from Martha saying there was an opening at Northwest Missouri State as a social advisor, and I accepted the position that evening.  The following night, I attended a dinner meeting where I met with the other chapter advisors and learned more about the chapter I would be advising.

In the 4 months that I have been an advisor, I will say it is different being on the other side of chapter operations, but I love the opportunities it has presented.  I have been able to form relationships with my Social Enrichment Team, the chapter members, and other advisors. My greatest joy has been watching the members I advise completing different tasks, challenging their fellow members to become the best chapter they can, and learning more about themselves.

At first, it took a bit of getting used to this new role, where I had people reporting information to me versus the other way around, but I have been surrounded with a supportive team of advisors who have walked me through this process.

I am extremely glad that I was presented with this opportunity to lead a group of sisters within our organization. I encourage all those graduating this spring to reach out to your local Alumnae Associations, and see if there are any advisor openings. You might just find that being an advisor is the spark you were looking for in your life.

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