Alpha Gamma’s Power Weekend Kicks it Out of the Park!

April 20th, 2018
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Who: Alpha Gamma – Mizzou

What: Power Weekend: BYOB & Kickin’ It

When: March 9th and March 11th

How many times has this event been held? This is the fourth annual Power Weekend

fullsizeoutput_6a34.jpegTell us about your event. Fraternities as well as organizations on campus are invited to participate in our Power Weekend. On Friday night, we host a late-night dinner with unlimited nachos and a Build Your Own Burrito Bar from 10pm to 2am at our house. On Sunday, we have a kickball tournament that is held on Mizzou’s on-campus field. Everyone loves kickball, especially when we offer pizza and huge trophy to the winners. Overall, our weekend is all about making philanthropy fun! Groups on campus realize that donating to a great cause can also be beneficial for themselves. Overall, we raised over $20,000 which is a new record for this event within our chapter!

How did you publicize the event? Did you utilize your special event chair and/or public relations chair any throughout the planning and promotion process? Our Social Media Chair made gifs and graphics for each profit share event throughout the week leading up to Power Weekend. We made a lot of pushes on Facebook as well as posting on Instagram stories and Snapchat Stories.

What was your favorite part of this event? I love the late night dinner! All of our girls are hyping outside the house and running around greeting people or getting them inside the door. It’s almost like the whole community knows about the dinner and has plans to come. And of course the good food makes for a wonderful night!

7583941280_878A9237[1].JPGWhat do you think contributed to your success? This year, we reached out further within the community by extending invitations to every group on campus, rather than just Greek organizations. it was important to us that everyone had the opportunity to participate in the late night dinner, Kickin’ It, or by purchasing an event t-shirt. We also reached out to almost every business in our community and sent out more letters to family and friends. Family and friends were alerted of our events and encouraged to donate and support.

What tips would you offer to other chapters planning a similar event? Make sure you are posting something every day to remind people that at the end of the week is your big event! Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask businesses and the community to get involved. The community wants to support you and in return, you can offer publicity for them as well. We were able to extend our budget by having cookies donated by Insomnia Cookies for the late night dinner and asking the MizzouRec to sponsor Kickin’ It by providing use of their fields.


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