Membership is Leadership

June 27th, 2018
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By Morgan Swearingen, Zeta Zeta – Augusta University

When I joined Alpha Delta Pi, I never quite realized the impact this organization would have on me. From knowing some of the most impactful women in the world, to gaining irreplaceable lessons in life, relationships, and leadership, I owe it all to Alpha Delta Pi; specifically, my home of Zeta Zeta.

Dear Alpha Delta Pi,

I will never be able to explain how overwhelmingly grateful I am for you. The opportunities you’ve provided me as a sister and as an officer are experiences I will never be able to repay. To each of my sisters, you hold what is more valuable than gold, and that is loyalty. Loyalty to yourself and our organization. Thank you for showing me what loyalty means, and for helping me grow into the sister I am today.

My time at Leadership Seminar would not have been possible without you. With over 50 messages of love and support, I couldn’t have made it through the long days without knowing y’all were at home cheering me on. Through this experience Zeta Zeta has provided me, I have learned about my strengths and values, and how I can be congruent in these things to make a difference in our chapter. It is my commitment to you that I turn these ideas into actions, and that I will make every action taken as a sister and as an officer more purposeful.

During the very last session of the seminar, we watched a Tedx by Drew Dudley. In his video, he discussed the importance of redefining leadership. Sometimes I think we envision leadership as joining every organization on campus and volunteering 500 service hours a month or taking on the role of an Executive Officer in our chapter, but it’s not. Leadership is making a difference. Each of you have and continue to make a difference in our chapter and in our community through big steps or small actions. If we continue to view leadership as some unattainable idea there is no way we will reach our full potential. Remember that membership is leadership, and each of you have strengths and values that will give you the confidence to take these actions.

Whether you see it or not, you have leadership inside of you. I encourage you all to come to chapter, attend sisterhood events, or even run for an officer position. I promise when you do make that first step, you will see everything in yourself that I see in you. Thank you, Zeta Zeta, for trusting me to represent and bring back to you everything I have learned during my time at Leadership Seminar. I won’t let you down.

Love and Loyally,

Morgan Swearingen

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