Sister #FindsHerFreedom Through Harley-Davidson Internship

July 10th, 2018
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Sister Meghan Glova is one of eight serving as Harley-Davidson #FindYourFreedom interns this summer. She was selected from more than 7,500 applicants to document her journey on the road and inspire others to find their freedom. She tells us why she applied for this internship and what she hopes to accomplish through this incredible opportunity. 

Tell us about you!
My name is Meghan Glova. I recently graduated from North Carolina State University where I was a sister of ADPi’s Zeta Beta chapter. I majored in Communication with a concentration in media, and minored in psychology. I was a sports reporter for four years and still hope to enter the broadcasting world this fall. But this summer, I have the most amazing internship in the world with Harley-Davidson. 

How did you get interested in motorcycles?

I had never been exposed to motorcycles or the motorcycle community before, so this internship was really where I began to develop my passion for riding. The internship in itself stood out to me because I’ve never been one for a desk job, and the #FindYourFreedom internship took that to a whole new level. It’s also why I’ve always been drawn to reporting, where doing something different each day keeps the work exciting and adventurous. 

This was also an amazing opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone. I had never hopped on the back of a motorcycle, and now I can easily and confidently ride a motorcycle. I knew this internship would be awesome, what I didn’t expect was how much stronger it would make me as a person.

What’s your favorite part about riding?
My favorite part about riding is how empowered I feel on the open road, it’s such a freeing and exciting experience. Thanks to Harley-Davidson, I know how easy and fun it can be to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Being able to actually feel the wind blow by you, smell the fresh air, and be one with the environment when you’re riding is a feeling like no other.

What are some challenges you face?
My biggest challenge was learning how to ride. I’ve never driven with manual controls before, so it was quite the transition. Through the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy and support of my fellow interns and local dealership, I was able to learn and get comfortable on a motorcycle quicker than I ever thought possible. My biggest challenge has turned into my biggest triumph. 

How has it been to share this passion with sisters?
My sisters have been so supportive throughout this entire process. In fact, in the coming weeks I’m arranging a motorcycle boot camp for many of them to participate in and be introduced to motorcycling – and hopefully some will be inspired to join me on the road!

What do you hope to accomplish through this internship?
Through this internship I hope to empower both new and experienced riders to get on the road and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. Regardless of age, gender, or level of experience, I would love to encourage as many people as I can to find their freedom through motorcycling. Personally, my greatest accomplishment this summer would be to ride to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Harley-Davidson’s 115th anniversary celebration. To be able to ride such a distance would prove to myself a newfound strength. You can follow along on my journey @megsterbegster across social media, and check out Harley-Davidson’s FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Snapchat 

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