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February 25th, 2019
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by Beth Wright, Gamma Phi – East Tennessee State University

Alpha Delta Pi is full of accomplished women. From our very founding, our members have been forging paths on their campuses, in their communities, and in their professions. And since 1907, we’ve been telling their stories in The Adelphean. At the first convention in 1906, the attendees voted to establish a publication in order to share the business of the growing sorority and reports from each of its chapters. One of the first associate editors, Odille King Dasher, suggested the name The Adelphean out of gratitude and respect to our founders. Odille also shared the intended content for the first issue with these words, “ . . . no one seemed to know how to begin or what to publish. At last, it was decided to let the report of the first national convention form the principal subject matter, together with some facts concerning the history of Alpha Delta Phi and a letter from each of the new chapters.”

For those of you who read your issues cover-to-cover, you’ll know that we still follow that original plan — along with a few additions. With stories about the professional achievements of our alumnae or the academic successes and future plans of our collegians, the Adelphean editors highlight our sisters who continue to forge new paths in the world.

With our recently implemented volunteer and chapter organization structure, the Adelphean staff structure updated as well; we now have an editor assigned to each of the four districts. Each district editor is responsible for compiling the chapter reports and alumnae association reports as well as writing about the accomplishments of the collegians and alumnae within their districts. Our amazing technology team at Executive Office has developed an online reporting form that will make chapter and alumnae association reporting much easier.

We are already seeing greater participation in reporting from chapters and look forward to bringing their activities and accomplishments to our readers. The very first editors of The Adelphean knew how important it would be to share letters from the chapters, and we still agree in 2019. These reports not only inform, they are a resource to collegians and alumnae associations and a way to connect sisters across the organization.

But . . . we need you to tell us your stories!

Each issue will contain at least one feature story from each district, highlighting the unique accomplishments of our sisters in the areas of business, philanthropy, science and technology, education, the arts, and more. Do you have a unique story to share? Do you know of a sister — alumna or collegian — with a unique story to share? Tell us about it! While we know we won’t be able to write a full feature for every submission, we’ll do our best to find ways to share these accomplishments.

The entire editorial team shares a common email address: adelpheansubmissions@gmail.com. Send us your stories and be sure to identify the chapter name and district editor in the subject line. For example, if you have a story about a sister from UCLA, put this in the subject line: “Attn Amy – Story Suggestion about Alpha Chi Sister”. The four district editors are:

Western District: Amy Tincher-Durik

Northern District: Ellen Long Liston

Central District: Rebecca DeSensi Sivori

Southern District: Susan Jervis Kennedy

If you aren’t sure what new district your chapter falls into, refer to the map (below).

The Adelphean is proud to remain a primary method of communicating with all ADPi sisters. Writing about our sorority’s events and our members’ accomplishments is a true joy shared by the entire editorial team. Adelphean editor and Loyally I and II author Virginia Lee Nelson wrote, “One cannot read those first Adelpheans and fail to be impressed with the warmth emanating from the chapter letters, installation stories, reminiscences of Wesleyan. The feeling, literally, is that of a happy, close-knit family. The chapter letters, all starting ‘Dear Sisters’ and ending ‘Yours in Alpha Delt,’ are like letters sent home for the whole family to share.” (Don’t forget that these early issues of the magazine are available to read in our digital archives at alphadeltapi.org/page/digitalarchives)

What stories do you have to tell? We look forward to hearing about and sharing them soon!


  1. Emily Erkel says:

    I love to hear and learn our history through the stories of individual sisters. Many thanks to the Adelphean team for capturing our stories for today and for years to come!

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